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Background CP5A0109 NACMA (now NCI Agency) Contract

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1 Background CP5A0109 NACMA (now NCI Agency) Contract
NACMA (now NCI Agency) ACCS LOC-1 Contract (CO/6568-ACCS) signed with ACSI in 1999 Replication projects included as options to the Contract, General provisions, terms/conditions, specifications, tasks to the Contractor e.t.c. are applicable as described in the contract. FST (Factory System Test) was chosen as “start” of Replication Replication implementation is linked to the progress in the validation activities (FST BU-1, STI-2, PSWA) NATO UNCLASSIFIED

2 Framework for Replication
ACCS Design Validation Sites ARS Tours C.M. La Pile (FRA) CARS Larissa (GRC) CARS Karup (DNK) ARS Nieuw Milligen (NLD) ARS Torrejon (ESP) ARS Eskisehir (TUR) ARS Veszprem (HUN) ARS Krakow (POL) ARS Stara Boleslav (CZE) ARS Soerreisa (NOR) ARS Monsanto (PRT) Software Development Replication Sites Software Validation Validated Software NACMA is the Procurement Agency for 10 sites (MOU) The 10 sites are awarded sole source to ACSI Options to the NACMA contract. NATO UNCLASSIFIED

3 Replication MOU Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DNK, GRC, NLD, NOR, ESP, TUR and NCIA (formerly NACMA) in 1995. MOU updated to include CZE, HUN, POL, PRT and GBR in 2005. Host Nations requested NACMA/NCI Agency AirC2PO&S to act as procurement agent on their behalf. Objective: establishes the planning and implementation arrangements between NACMO and the HN with regard to the replication projects. Sets forth the terms and conditions under which the HN and NACMO will cooperate in the implementation of the replication projects. For projects included as options to the NCI Agency LOC-1 contract with ACSI. NATO UNCLASSIFIED

4 ACCS LOC1 REPLICATION Sites Under Contract
ARS Sørreisa CARS ARS CARS Karup ARS N. Milligen ARS Krakow ARS S. Boleslav ARS Monsanto ARS Veszprem ARS C.M. La Pile CARS Larissa ARS Torrejón ARS Eskisehir NATO UNCLASSIFIED

5 Replication Project Office
Site Liaison Consultant Replication Site Manager RSM) Oversee the design, development, installation and verification activities coordinate with NCIA staff, ACSI and HN MOU NATEX NATIONS Contract Programme Management Replication Project Office Test & Evaluation ACSI Financial Management Project Coordination Engineering NCIA Air C2 Contract Support Logictics Support Cost Analysis Configuration Management NATO UNCLASSIFIED

6 Contract Links with the ACCS LOC1 Core Programme
Special Terms & Conditions STEP I Design/Plans STEP II Implementation Preparation STEP II Implementation Installation preparation Comms and interfaces study Site surveys Site design up to CDR Management plans CTEMP Proposal for long lead items Completion of Site design (CDR) Procurement of Long lead Items Hardware Installation Activities Production of Software ADP, Servers, WP selection following the completion of STI-2 Completion of HW Installation (SCI) SW Installation Testing of System Provision of support environment (spares, support equipment, documentation, training) & & Core: FST BU-1 PSWA NATO UNCLASSIFIED

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