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What Must I Do To Be Saved? Historic controversy over the plan of salvation.

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1 What Must I Do To Be Saved? Historic controversy over the plan of salvation

2 Jesus, the Prince of Peace Yet, Jesus and His gospel of peace brought great conflict to the earth, Matthew 10:34-39 –Truth v. Error / Sin v. Right. / Disciples v. Sinners No surprise that Christians face conflict from those who reject the gospel of peace (Eph 6:15) Controversy came early and often! 2

3 Nature of Question -Action must be taken Acts 2:37; 16:30 -Necessary for salvation Acts 16:31 -Each person must obey Mark 16:15-16 -Action prior to salvation Acts 2:37-38 Conditional (What) Mandatory (Must) Personal (I do) In Order to Obtain Salvation (To be saved) 3

4 Philippian Jailer Must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ –Must hear gospel to believe, 16:31-32 (Rom 10:13-14, 17) –Believed, repented and baptized immediately, 16:33 –Rejoiced … “having believed in God”, 16:34 Confess faith, Acts 8:36-37 UNBELIEVER Acts 16:30-34 4

5 Day of Pentecost Repent and be baptized –Gospel convicted sinners, 2:36 –Asked what to do, 2:37 –Repent and be baptized, 2:38 Remission of sins (forgiveness) Gift of Holy Spirit (refreshing), Acts 3:19; 2:39 (Gal 3:14) CONVICTED BELIEVERS Acts 2:36-41 5

6 Day of Pentecost Repent and be baptized –About 3,000 gladly received his word & were baptized, 2:40-41 –Saved added together, 2:41 (47) Salvation obtained when one repents and is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, Mk 16:16 CONVICTED BELIEVERS Acts 2:36-41 6

7 Saul of Tarsus Told what he must do, 9:6 –Fasting and praying, 9:9-11 –Shows a repentant heart Arise and be baptized, 22:16 –Wash away your sins –Calling on the name of the Lord REPENTENT BELIEVER Acts 9:1-6 22:10-16 7

8 Saul of Tarsus By seeing Jesus By hearing the voice of Jesus By his faith only By his repentant prayers By being told he would be an apostle of Christ SAUL WAS NOT SAVED… Acts 9:1-6 22:10-16 8 Saul was NOT saved on the road to Damascus!

9 Saul of Tarsus When his sins were washed away When he was baptized –Baptized into the death of Christ (Rom 6:3) –The blood of Christ applied SAUL WAS SAVED… Acts 9:1-6 22:10-16 9 Saul was SAVED in Damascus!

10 “WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?” Historic Controversy 10

11 Acts 15:1-2 (7) Salvation and truth were at stake, Gal 2:5 Works of (the) Law cannot save sinners, Rom 3:20, 23 Gospel reveals salvation by faith in Christ, Rom 3:21-24 (Gal 5:1-7) Saved by the works of the Law or by Faith in Jesus Christ 11

12 Eph 1:4-10 Augustine (354-430): Man is utterly corrupt in sin and totally incapable of moving toward God to be saved False doctrines of Election and Reprobation took shape –Elect predestined and saved by grace alone –All others eternally damned Total Depravity, Election and Reprobation 12

13 Eph 1:4-10 Protestant Reformation “Wholly inclined to all evil” (The Westminster Confession of Faith) Sovereign God chooses the elect and the reprobate –Salvation not available to all Total Depravity, Election and Reprobation 13

14 Eph 1:4-10 Protestant Reformation “…taught that the predestined are saved by grace alone and the rest of mankind are eternally damned. It’s a popular myth that John Calvin introduced the doctrine of predestination, but Calvin was simply repeating established Reformation theology. So today, those who say that the offer of salvation is open to everyone contradict a basic Reformation doctrine.” (Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up, David W. Bercot, 70) 14

15 YES ! Sin committed, not inherited, Ezek 18:4; Rom 5:12 Free will (whoever), Jno 3:16; Matt 10:28; Acts 2:21; 10:34- 35; Rev 22:17 God desires all to be saved, 1 Tim 2:3-4; 2 Pet 3:9 God chose to save sinners “in Christ”, Eph 1:4-5 Salvation is Offered to All! 15

16 Faith and Works Salvation is not earned, Rom 4:3-4 (Gal 3:12) Faith is accounted for righteousness, Rom 4:5 Faith that saves is faith that obeys, Jas 2:17, 24 –Ex. of Noah (Heb 11:7) Unworthy servants, Lk 17:10 The Nature of Saving Faith (Eph 2:8-9) 16

17 Symbol or Salvation? Nature: Essential, Mk 16:16; Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27 Purpose: Salvation, 1 Pet 3:21 Subjects: Repentant believers, Acts 2:38 Mode: Burial in water, Acts 8:38; Col 2:12 Baptism in the name of the Lord Matt 28:19 Acts 2:38 10:47-48 19:5; 22:16 17

18 Symbol or Salvation? For all people, Matt 28:19 Follows faith, Mk 16:15-16 In name of Lord, Acts 10:48 Saves the lost, 1 Pet 3:21 Into death of Christ, Rom 6:3-4 Put on Christ, Gal 3:27 Buried with Christ, Col 2:12 Remains to end, Mt 28:19-20 Great Commission Baptism Matt 28:19 Mark 16:16 18

19 “I know I’m saved!” Experience is valued above the revealed word of God (Heb 1:1-2) Deny gospel plan of salvation Strong delusions for those who do not love the truth (unbelief), 2 Ths 2:10-12 Visions Dreams Voices Ecstatic Experiences 19

20 “WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?” Concerns among Christians 20 2 Peter 1:12-15; Philippians 3:1-2

21 False Plans of Salvation Salvation is questioned in the absence of a great emotional experience Clapping and shouting at baptisms (Lk 15:7; Acts 8:39) Salvation depends upon one’s faith experience – not one’s emotional experience! “What must I feel to be saved?” 21

22 False Plans of Salvation “Christians in denominations” –Some have already repudiated the gospel plan of salvation –Some say folks in the denom. will be in heaven Lost outside of Christ! Eph 2:12-13; Gal 3:27 “People in the different churches will be saved” 22

23 False Plans of Salvation Positive preaching mentality –Has borne the fruit of ambiguity and fear Told that plainness of speech “runs people off” Balanced preaching is needed, 2 Tim 4:2 (Col 4:6) Sound and bold, Acts 24:24-25 We love you too much to say you are lost 23

24 False Plans of Salvation Misplaced love for others, Matt 10:37 Self-denial and love for Christ overcomes trusting in men more than God, Luke 9:23 “My relationship is more important than my salvation.” 24

25 False Plans of Salvation Reports are increasing Lost must hear how to be saved to call on the name of the Lord! (Rom 10:13-14) Apostles invited and urged the lost to obey the gospel and be saved; and so must we! Acts 2:40 No gospel invitation preaching 25

26 False Plans of Salvation The lost knows he has a need The lost knows what it is he needs The lost knows he must do something in order to meet his need The lost knows what he must do to meet his need “If you have a need” invitations assume… 26

27 False Plans of Salvation The lost does not need to be told he has a need or what to do about his need The lost does not need to be persuaded to do what he must do to be saved “If you have a need” invitations assume… 27

28 False Plans of Salvation The preacher has no responsibility to tell the lost what he needs or to try to persuade him to act upon his need No sense of urgency (2 Cor 6:2) “If you have a need” invitations assume… 28

29 New Testament Controversy will continue Bible answer must continue to be understood, preached and defended, Eph 5:17; Rom 10:6-8 (Jude 3) Humbly obey the Master’s plan of salvation and be saved “by grace, through faith” (Lk 17:10) Acts 4:12 Heb 5:9 29

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