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Celebrity Multiple Intelligences

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1 Celebrity Multiple Intelligences

2 The rules Think about the pictured celebrity
Choose the intelligence(s) that best fit the celebrity

3 Bill Gates 1. Naturalist 2. Mathematical/ Logical 3. Musical/ Rhythmic

4 Bill Gates The correct answer is 2
Mathematical/Logical: display an aptitude for numbers, reasoning and problem solving

5 Tom Cruise 1. Existentialist 2. Musical/ Rhythmic 3. Naturalist

6 Tom Cruise The correct answer is 1.
Existentialist: learns in the context of where humankind stands in the “big picture” of existence. Asks “Why are we here?” Is seen in the discipline of philosophy.

7 Shaq 1. Naturalist 2. Mathematical/Logical 3. Bodily/ Kinesthetic

8 Shaq The correct answer is 3.
Bodily/ Kinesthetic: experience learning best through activity: games, movement, hands-on tasks, building. Labeled as “overly active” in traditional classrooms.

9 Paris Hilton 1. Mathematical/ Logical 2. Naturalist 3. Interpersonal

10 Paris Hilton The correct answer is 3.
Interpersonal: noticeably people oriented and outgoing, do their learning in groups or with a partner. Identified as “talkative” or “too concerned about being social.”

11 John Denver 1. Naturalist 2. Musical/Rhythmic 3. Bodily/Kinesthetic

12 John Denver The correct answers are 1 and 2
Naturalist: Loves the outdoors, animals, field trips. Picks up on subtle differences in meanings. Musical/Rhythmic: Learns through songs, patterns, rhythms and musical expression.

13 Ty Pennington Intrapersonal Visual/Spatial Musical/Rhythmic

14 Ty Pennington The correct answer is 2.
Visual/Spatial: Learns best visually and organizing things spatially. Enjoys charts, graphs, maps, tables, illustrations, art…

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