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CRIME RECORDS SERVICE UPDATE Texas Department of Public Safety TCJIUG Galveston May 2008.

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1 CRIME RECORDS SERVICE UPDATE Texas Department of Public Safety TCJIUG Galveston May 2008

2 What is NIEM? The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is an effort by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that can enable jurisdictions to effectively share critical information. NIEM builds on the significant XML standards work already accomplished within the justice domain through the U. S. Attorney Generals Global Advisory Committee. The goal of the effort is to break down barriers to information sharing by developing common standards for information sharing between communities of interest at all levels of government, extending from justice to homeland security and beyond.

3 Texas Path to NIEM Goal: To bring the benefits of NIEM participation to the state of Texas State Agencies Partnered to release a Request for Proposal Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Court Administration (OCA) Department of Criminal Justice (DCJ) In Collaboration with Texas Integrated Justice Information Systems (TIJIS) Advisory Committee TIJIS is a users group dedicated to developing justice information sharing capabilities in Texas. The contract awarded to UNISYS.

4 The Path to NIEM Project DELIVERABLE 1: Update of the 2003 TJI3 Plan DELIVERABLE 2: Gap Analysis and Data Reference Model Project Completed New Plan is available IEPDs are for 28 Texas exchanges are developed and will be placed in registry Additions/modification governed by TIJIS.

5 TXGANG Re-Design Over the Summer of 2006, DPS and OAG met with Gang Investigators around the state on the weaknesses of TXGANG and what should be done Resulted in decision to move forward with RFP for a statewide gang database Project delayed because of funds and capital expenditure approval. Is back on track and the RFP is going to DIR for approval

6 TXGANG Re-Design Key Concepts: Automated interface with local agency gang systems Accept photos Provide local agency gang file services Enable easy validation of records Access via TLETS

7 GOVERNORS OFFICE LIVESCAN INITIATIVE Governors Office of Homeland Security funded an initiative to place at least one livescan device in every county in Texas. Every county but two now has livescan; they declined because they do not have jails.


9 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week on-line access to CCH data to authorized users More than 9,918 authorized agencies More than 1,606 criminal justice agencies SECURE CCH WEBSITE

10 Allows general public access to conviction and deferred adjudication information. Costs approximately $3.50 for a search Does not include juveniles Is regularly sold to private entities PUBLIC ACCESS CCH WEBSITE

11 Crime Records has created CJIS reporting website with information and reports for CJIS reporting agencies: Send your name, agency name and phone number to Can obtain open arrests; compliance reports; list of non- disclosures and juvenile restricted records; ORI lists; Offense Code lists;Electronic Disposition Reporting information We now have the capability to accepting on-line submission of prosecutor and court actions (ER3s and ER4s) for small paper- based counties 79 Counties and 737 users are taking advantage of this site CRIME RECORDS CJIS REPORTING WEBSITE

12 2008 State of Texas Conference On Criminal Justice Information System Reporting Westin Galleria Hotel, Houston June 30 - July 2, 2008 CRS website for cjis reporting issues and Conference information: Contact DPS CJIS Field Support Unit at 512/424-2478 for any information or questions

13 2008 State of Texas Conference On Criminal Justice Information System Reporting BREAKOUT SESSIONS CJIS & JJIS Arrest Reporting CJIS Prosecutor and Court Reporting JJIS Pre-Adjudication and Court Reporting Electronic Arrest Reporting Electronic Disposition Reporting Expunctions, Sealing, Misuse of Identity Error Resolution Fingerprints: Making a Good First Impression Texas Data Exchange (TDEx)

14 Law enforcement agencies can update sex offender records on-line. Records must already have been established by fingerprint submissions. Works very well to help keep sex offender information up to date. Currently 926 agency participants SECURE SEX OFFENDER WEBSITE

15 All Sex Offenders as entered by DPS and local agencies No cost searches Is sold in bulk Mapping is available PUBLIC SEX OFFENDER WEBSITE

16 SOR NEIGHBORHOOD NOTIFICATION Mailing of notification to all individuals of when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood Subdivided areas – three block radius Non-subdivided areas – 1 mile radius Notification in English and in Spanish Includes a picture of the sex offender

17 Bring Texas into compliance with Adam Walsh (SB 1740)except juveniles Provide subscription service Keep Texas offenders who go out-of-state on the Texas system, without a Texas NCIC record Make work addresses public Technical enhancements Nearing completion SEX OFFENDER REDESIGN

18 TCIC TRANSACTIONS Yearly total: 78,762,078 Monthly Avg: 6,563,507 Daily Avg: 215,787 Hourly Avg: 8,991

19 TCIC Totals AS OF April 28, 2007 Wanted Persons 64,661 Wanted - TCIC Only 169,145 Capius Warrants 5,570 Stolen Vehicles 105,852 License Plates 12,411 Protective Orders 12,354 Temporary Protective Orders 1,879 Protective Orders - TCIC Only 1,109 Individual Identity Records 396 Threats Against Peace Officers 298 Sex Offenders 40,564 Sex Offenders - Texas only 8,001 Concealed Handgun Licenses 307,499

20 TCIC Totals AS OF April 19, 2008 Wanted Persons 73,293 Wanted - TCIC Only 153,043 Capias Warrants 6,462 Stolen Vehicles 111,217 License Plates 16,897 H.E.A.T. Vehicles 40,348 T.R.I.P. Vehicles 3,604 Protective Orders 13,002 Concealed Handgun Licenses 328,232 Individual Identity Records 769 Threats Against Peace Officers 364 Sex Offenders 43,831

21 Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) Statewide fingerprinting service for non-criminal justice purposes DPS contracted with Integrated Biomentric Technologies, Inc. Charge $9.95 per person DPS receives no funds Printed more than 150,000 in Jan – April 2008 Contact: Don Farris at

22 N-DEx The vision of N-DEx is to share complete, accurate, timely and useful information across jurisdictional boundaries and to provide new investigative tools that enhance the Nations ability to fight crime and terrorism.

23 N-DEx N-DEx is very similar to TDEX, but at the national level At its core, N-DEx is a repository of law enforcement incident data N-DEx will provide law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with a powerful new investigative tool to search, link, analyze and share criminal justice information (e.g., incident and case reports, etc.) on a national basis to a degree never before possible. N-DEx will allow participating LEAs to detect relationships between people, places, things and crime characteristics, link information across jurisdictions and allow them to connect the dots between data that is not apparently related without information overload.

24 Status of N-DEx Increment 1 began in late March Are establishing data set and starting with up to 50,000 users Increment 2 set for March, 2009 FBI and Appriss testing now on submission of Texas data through TDEX Inquiry access is through LEO TDEX Data will be passed to N-DEx

25 HB 76 Ref Sex Assault Data Adds the following to DPS data collection: (h) Information collected to perform a statistical breakdown of offenses under Sections 22.011 and 22.021, Penal Code, as required by Subsection (b)(2) must include information indicating the specific offense committed and information regarding: (1) the victim; (2) the offender and the offender's relationship to the victim; (3) any weapons used or exhibited in the commission of the offense; and (4) any injuries sustained by the victim. Form Has been created and published Agencies currently reporting Refer questions to Rosemary Webb at

26 Questions David Gavin, Asst. Chief, Administration Texas Department of Public Safety (512) 424-2077

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