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The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?. Doctors are trained to pay particular attention to things that are abnormally high.

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1 The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

2 Doctors are trained to pay particular attention to things that are abnormally high.

3 For example, they watch carefully for a high blood sugar (diabetes); however, they rarely think about hypoglycemia unless a patient is dizzy or faint.

4 We watch carefully for high temperature indicating fever, but we are not trained that a low temperature indicates hypothyroidism.

5 We watch carefully for high blood pressure and are insensitive to the fact that low pressures due to over- exuberant prescription of medication is causing patients to be dizzy.

6 We rarely look at pH levels or oxygen levels unless the patient is in intensive care.

7 Electrons Electrons are the most basic nutrient used by the body!

8 A conductor is something that allows electrons to flow through it. When electrons are running through a conductor such as a copper wire, they are there or not. If the switch is on, you have an electron donor. If the switch is off, there are no electrons.

9 However, a solution provides a different situation. The solution may be an electron donor or an electron stealer. One measures the voltage of a solution with a sophisticated voltmeter.

10 If your pH voltmeter measures +150 millivolts, it means that the solution is an electron stealer with 150 millivolts of stealing power.

11 If your pH voltmeter measures -200 millivolts, it means that the solution is an electron donor with 200 millivolts of donating power.

12 After measuring the voltage of a solution, one can convert that to a logarithmic scale called “pH.”

13 A voltage of +400 mV is the same as a pH of zero. A voltage of -400 mV is the same as a pH of 14. A solution that is neither an electron donor nor electron stealer is called a pH of 7.

14 With this understanding, one can see that a pH of 7.35 is the same as a voltage of -20mV. A pH of 7.45 is the same as a voltage of -25 mV.

15 All cellular biology texts tell us that cells are designed to run between -20 and -25 millivolts of electron donor status!

16 Electron stealers cause damage, are a pH from 0 to 6.9, are acidic, are free radicals, are the positive pole, are destructive, and at the atomic level spin left.

17 You hear statements such as “all disease occurs when you are acidic.” What this is really saying is that all disease occurs when your voltage is low or in an electronic stealer state.

18 You hear statements such as “alkalize or die.” What this means is that you must have electrons available to do work or your cells will die.

19 A free-radical is a molecule that is missing electrons. It is like a mugger looking for someone’s purse to steal. When a free-radical steals electrons from the cell, it damages the cell.

20 An antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving away electrons. Thus, when your mother says “eat your vegetables” she is saying that the vegetables contain electrons that are good for you.

21 We maintain our health and heal primarily by making new cells. To make a new cell requires a voltage of -50 mV.

22 Salivary and urinary pH are about 0.8 pH units less than cell pH. Salivary pH is a rough indicator of cellular voltage. Urinary pH is a rough indicator of the voltage in the fluids around cells. When normal, both should be 6.5. If you add 0.8 to 6.5, you get a pH of 7.3. This equates to -20 millivolts.

23 Let’s consider your thumb. Your thumb is running at a voltage of -25 mV. It is pink, feels fine, and works well.

24 If you hit it with a hammer, the thumb is red, swollen, hot, and has a pulsing pain. It has automatically gone to -50 mV. This is necessary to make new cells needed to replace the ones damaged with a hammer.

25 At -50 mV, blood vessels dilate and dump raw materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. into the neighborhood.

26 You also need -50 mV to have the energy to turn these raw materials into new cells.

27 As soon as you finish making enough cells to replace those damaged by the hammer, your thumb goes back to -25 mV. It is normal and you are happy.

28 Now, let’s assume you run out of voltage before you are able to make enough new cells to replace those injured with a hammer. Your voltage drops to -10 mV. Now you are stuck in chronic disease.

29 You cannot heal unless you can make new cells. You cannot make new cells unless you have -50 mV and all the raw materials you need to make new cells.

30 In chronic disease, your thumb hurts all the time, it is white, and it doesn’t work very well.

31 Chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage. One cannot cure chronic disease without inserting enough electrons to achieve -50 mV.

32 One must also have the raw materials necessary to make new cells and to eliminate the toxins or infections present that will damage the new cells.

33 You can take all of the medications you like and do as much surgery as you like, but you will not heal unless you have -50 mV, raw materials, and lack of toxins.

34 Without the ability to achieve -50 mV and the necessary raw materials to make new cells, you cannot maintain your health, and you will suffer aging and chronic disease.

35 You are also unable to repair injuries, so they can also lead to chronic disease.

36 You don’t need drugs to heal. You need to make new cells that work to heal. To make good cells, you need cellular- voltage and a good diet. You also need to remove toxins from your body that damage cells and make you obese.

37 Several bad things happen when voltage drops. The obvious one is that organs simply don’t have enough horsepower to do their job.

38 Another is that they don’t have the energy to get rid of toxic waste, which begins to accumulate.

39 At -50 mV, there is a pulsing pain. When you have low voltage, it simply hurts all the time. Thus, pain is simply a symptom of abnormal voltage. You correct it by correcting the voltage.

40 As voltage is raised, more oxygen will dissolve in water. However, as voltage drops, oxygen comes out of solution and leaves the water.

41 Our cells are seventy percent water. Thus, as voltage begins to drop in us, oxygen leaves the cells. This has serious consequences.

42 Our cells turn fatty acids into glucose. They are processed through a series of chemical reactions called the Krebs Cycle. The end result is a rechargeable battery called ATP.

43 As ATP provides electrons to keep the cell functioning, it becomes a discharged, rechargeable battery called ADP.

44 When oxygen is available, for every unit of fatty acids run through the Krebs cycle, we create thirty-eight molecules of ATP. However, if oxygen is unavailable, only two molecules of ATP are created for every unit of fatty acids.

45 Thus, as voltage drops and oxygen levels drop, our metabolism goes from “thirty-eight miles per gallon to two miles per gallon.” Now it is very difficult for cells to have enough energy to function with such inefficient metabolism.

46 Another problem of decreased oxygen is infections. Our bodies contain perhaps 1 trillion microorganisms. However, most of these are inactive as long as oxygen is present.

47 However, when oxygen levels drop, these bugs wake up. The first thing they want to do is have lunch. And they want to have you for lunch.

48 Since these bugs don’t have teeth, they must put out digestive enzymes to dissolve you so that they can acquire nutrients from the cells.

49 One of the problems has to do with these digestive enzymes. Let’s assume that you have a Streptococcus bacteria having lunch on your throat. You recognize this as a sore, painful throat.

50 These digestive enzymes produced by these Streptococcus bacteria can enter our bloodstream and cause damage to our heart valves, and can damage our joints.

51 This same process can happen anywhere in the body. Let’s assume you have low voltage in your gallbladder. This means that your gallbladder will hurt, have decreased oxygen, and inefficient metabolism, and host bugs having lunch on the gallbladder.

52 The toxins produced by these bugs can enter the bloodstream and cause brain damage.

53 You may have infections in your large intestine, in your sinuses or other places, causing damage. However, it is simply bugs having lunch because your voltage and thus your oxygen levels are low.

54 As voltage continues to drop, it will go from an electron- donor to electron-stealer status. This is known as a change in polarity. When voltage drops to +30 mV, you have cancer.

55 How Cells Normally Get Electrons

56 There are many ways that the body is intended to get electrons. However, our modern culture has tended to eliminate most of these sources.

57 Earth is a large electromagnet. If you take the electrodes of a voltmeter and stick them into the dirt, you will measure voltage.

58 An area of high voltage always causes electrons to flow to an area of low voltage. If your body has lower voltage than the earth, walking barefoot on the dirt or grass will cause electrons to flow from the earth into your body, recharging you.

59 However, if you walk with shoes, this cannot occur.

60 Water from the ground contains electrons. We call this “alkaline water.” However, when chlorine and fluoride are placed in the water, it turns into an electron stealer.

61 Every time we drink such water, it steals electrons from us. The water we should be drinking should contain electrons and be clean and free from toxins.

62 If the voltmeter shows minus voltage, the water is an electron donor. If the voltmeter shows plus voltage, the water is an electron stealer.

63 If you stick a voltmeter into a raw potato, you will measure voltage. However, if you bake or freeze the potato and then insert the voltmeter, most of the voltage will be gone.

64 Unprocessed food contains voltage. Once we process food, most of the voltage disappears. We are designed to eat unprocessed food so that it brings its own electrons with it.

65 When you eat food that has been processed, your body must provide electrons from other sources to digest it. You can actually tell the quality of food such as vegetables by simply using a voltmeter to compare the voltage in one product versus another.

66 Voltage always moves from an area of higher voltage to an area of lower voltage. This process happens when any two living things touch.

67 If you hold a dog or cat and your voltage is lower than the animal, it will donate electrons to you. Then it will run outside, recharge itself, and bring you some more voltage.

68 If you lean against a tree, the tree will donate voltage to you.

69 Moving water is always an electron-donor. Still water is an electron-stealer. Taking a shower will energize you, whereas taking a bath will make you tired.

70 Swimming in the ocean will give you electrons, but swimming in a chlorinated pool will steal voltage from you.

71 Moving air is an electron stealer. People often feel tired if they sleep under a fan. Riding in a convertible is great fun, but you are always tired when you get to your destination.

72 If you take a voltmeter that measures in millivolts and hold it in the air inside your home, you will measure a small amount of voltage. If you take it outside, you will find much more voltage out in the sun.

73 If you take a quartz crystal and squeeze it with a pair of pliers, it will emit electrons. This is called the piezoelectric effect.

74 Exercise is a major way the body acquires electrons. Our muscles are piezoelectric crystals. Thus when we exercise, our muscles create electrons. The muscles are also rechargeable batteries. The movement of our muscles re-charges our muscle batteries.

75 There is a pump within the skull and down the spine called the cranio-sacral pump. Each time this pump activates, it sends a surge of electrons through the body.

76 The human is designed to get voltage primarily the way our grandparents got it. They worked out in the sun, drank water from a well, ate unprocessed foods, weren’t afraid to touch the earth with their hands or feet, hugged their family, leaned against a tree or stood in moving water while fishing, and weren't’ afraid to stand in the rain.


78 Fibrous tissue has the least impedance or resistance to the flow of electrons of any tissue in the body.

79 Wherever you find fibrous tissue in the body, it is serving two functions. One is structural, providing support for the adjacent tissue. The second function is to move electrons from place to place.

80 The human body has two wiring systems. Both are made of fibrous tissue. One is the fibrous encasement of nerves. The other is the acupuncture system.

81 We have an entire second nervous system made of fibrous tissue surrounding our nerves, called the analog perineural nervous system.

82 The nerve-impulse nerves of the brain and body are digital. The information is in discrete steps of on/off. It is sensitive to the frequency of the signal. It controls the conscious mind and the autonomic nervous system.

83 The second nervous system of the body is the perineural system of glial cells and Schwann cells, etc., surrounding the other nerves. It is an analog system, meaning continuously variable strength of signal, direction of flow, and waves of strength. It controls growth, healing, and biological cycles.

84 The fibrous sheath called the perineural nervous system is actually bringing in electrons to change the voltage from operating voltage to healing voltage.

85 The easiest way to access the perineural nervous system is at the spine. One can use an electronic device to tap into any of these points to measure the voltage of the connected organ or to send electrons to that organ.

86 Exposure to the ground provides an electrical “nutrient” in the form of electrons, and is a genuine missing link in the health equation, providing significant improvement—even total transformations—in health and vitality.

87 It remedies an electron deficiency to reduce inflammation—the common cause of disease.

88 It restores your body’s natural internal electrical stability and rhythms, which promote normal functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems.

89 The sole or plantar surface of the foot is richly covered with some 1,300 nerve endings per square inch. That’s more than is found on any other part of the body of comparable size.

90 The foot is the vital link between the person and the Earth. The paws of all animals are equally rich in nerve endings.

91 The Earth is covered with an electromagnetic layer. It’s this layer that creates the sensory response in our feet and in the paws of animals.

92 Every living thing, including human beings, draws energy from this field through its feet, paws, or roots.


94 The EMF energy of the earth is usually absorbed through the feet. There is a point on the sole near the upper center of the foot, through which it is specifically drawn up. (K1) Lying on the ground is also a way of recharging.

95 Throughout history, humans have strolled, sat, stood, and slept on the ground—the skin of their bodies touching the skin of the Earth—oblivious to the fact that such simple contact transfers a natural electrical signal to the body.

96 Earth’s electrical energy maintains the order of our own bodily frequencies just as a conductor controls the coherence and cadence of an orchestra.

97 We all live and function electrically on an electrical planet.

98 We are each a collection of dynamic electrical circuits. Trillions of cells constantly transmit and receive energy in the course of their programmed biochemical reactions.

99 The movement of nutrients and water into the cells is regulated by electric fields, and each type of cell has a frequency range in which it operates. Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles, and immune system are electrical subsystems operating within your “biolectrical” body.

100 All of your movements, behaviors, and actions are energized by electricity.

101 Practically no one has the slightest notion of an electrical or energetic connection between their body and the Earth.

102 Nobody learns about it in school. So nobody knows that we have largely become disconnected and separated from the Earth.

103 In developed societies, in particular, we have essentially lost our electrical roots.

104 Our bare feet, with their rich network of nerve endings, rarely touch the ground. We wear insulating synthetic- soled shoes.

105 We sleep on elevated beds made from insulating material.

106 Most of us in the modern, industrialized world live disconnected from the Earth’s surface.

107 Think of a light bulb with a loose connection. The bulb flickers, shines weakly, or doesn’t light up at all.

108 Many people go through life with flickering or weak health.

109 Disconnected, the body is vulnerable and prone to dysfunction, inflammation-related disease, and accelerated aging.

110 The natural frequencies of the Earth are waves of energy caused by the motions of subatomic particles called free electrons. Nobody has ever seen an electron, but you can think of them in the setting of a beehive.

111 The bees, buzzing around the hive, are like electrons that move around the atomic nucleus in a “cloud” of energy. Electrons have a negative charge.

112 Electricity was only harnessed for industrial and residential use about 120 years ago or so. The electron itself was discovered only in 1897, so virtually throughout the human timeline nobody knew anything about electrons.

113 But there was plenty of knowledge over the eons of time that the ground held special healing energy and was a basic aspect of connectedness to Nature. The Earth was sacred.

114 Civilizations everywhere recognized and tuned in to the cycles of Nature for survival and health. They were aware of fundamental rhythms that regulate, for instance, sleep-wake cycles and maintenance of health.

115 And they knew that we functioned in coordination with the Earth’s cycles and rhythms. There was awareness of connectivity among the principles of Earth, life, and health.

116 Being grounded to Earth naturally protects the body’s delicate bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference. It facilitates the reception of free electrons and the stabilizing electrical signals and energy of the Earth.

117 It refills and recharges your body with something you never knew you were missing … or needed.

118 Common autoimmune diseases include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and type-1 diabetes. Collectively, they are among the most prevalent diseases in the United States, afflicting between 15 and 24 million people, about 75 percent of them women.

119 All these conditions— as well as the major disease killers like cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer—are linked to chronic inflammation.

120 Chronic inflammation torches the sensitive linings of the arteries that feed the heart and brain, leading to heart attacks and stroke.

121 It chews up nerve cells in the brain and may contribute to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

122 It can promote the proliferation of abnormal cells and facilitate their conversion into cancer.

123 Chronic inflammation may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.

124 Inflammation is now believed to be the underlying cause of more than eighty chronic illnesses, and more than half of Americans suffer currently from one or more of them.

125 Each year, millions die from these conditions. The most common chronic diseases cost the U.S. economy alone more than $1 trillion annually—and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.

126 Inflammation may turn out to be the elusive Holy Grail of medicine—the single phenomenon that holds the key to sickness and health.

127 What is clear in all this is that the immune function is being overwhelmed, and researchers have overlooked a factor, something right under their feet, the lost connection to our planet’s natural flow of surface electrical energy and the electron deficiency in our bodies that this creates.


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