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Findings on the skin doc. MUDr Jitka Zelenková, CSc.

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1 Findings on the skin doc. MUDr Jitka Zelenková, CSc

2 The skin is rosy, warm and elastic,having no continuity defects. Assesment of findings: Colour, moisture, temperature, turgor, presence of pathological affections, bleeding manifestation and oedemas

3 Color pale red cyanosis (bluish color) central peripheral

4 yellow jaundice xanthosis brown grey-brown albinism

5 Moisture  enhanced  reduced Temperature depends on the blood supply condition of the skin  local low  local high

6 Skin affections macula papule vesicula pustule

7 Scarlet fever (scarlatina) Measles (morbilli) Chickenpox (varicella) Schingles (herpes zoster) Allergic exanthemas

8 Quincke s oedema Erythema nodosum „Butherfly exanthema“ Osler nodes Xanthelasma Xanthoma (tuberosum) Spider angioma

9 Bleeding manifestations (haemorrhagic diatheses) petechiae purpura haematomas

10 Scars postoperative keloid post- injury

11 Trophic changes arise from vascular (ischaemic) and inervation disorders bedsores (decubitus) shank ulcers

12 Turgor depends on skin hydration the subcutis and its structure lowerd

13 Oedemas are caused by an accumulation of extracellular fluid in interstitium local inflammatory venostatic lymphoedemas allergic

14 systemic cardiac renal hepatic hypoproteinaemic myxoedemas

15 Hair has typical appearance and position depending on the sex thin stronger and denser (hypertrichosis, hirsutism) alopecia

16 Nails are generaly strong, smooth, resistant and of distinctive appearance and color fragile and fraying nails spoon-shape bent spherical „white“ deformed

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