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STAFF MONTHS PPMS User Group October 15, 2010 Rita Lauzon.

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1 STAFF MONTHS PPMS User Group October 15, 2010 Rita Lauzon

2 Definitions Staff month: 174 hours (the average available work hours per month) Staff month calculation: The percent of time an employee works relative to the normal full-time hours available in a month

3 Staff Months Are: Calculated in Payrolls Calculated by Account Code and Earn Type Accumulated for Contracted Jobs

4 Not Calculated on Earnings Where: Earnings Hours Type is V (Volunteer Hours) Productive Indicator is X (Neither Productive or Nonproductive Time) Total Gross Indicator is N (Earnings do not add to Total Gross)

5 Screens Staff Months are on: Retroactive Adjustment Screen C/O/H Distributions Screen Payroll Expense Transfer Screen Earnings Distribution for a Check Expense Transfers for an Employee History

6 Uses for Staff Months Listed on the Employee Change Register Listed on Payroll Reports Updated to Payroll History Included in the PMIS Expense Extract and sent to SBCTC-ITD Olympia

7 Uses for Staff Months (cont.) Transferred to FMS Reported to OFM through AFRS Used in Employment Security Hours Calculations for PTF Used in Salary Forecasting to Calculate Staff Years

8 Salary and Hourly Current Payments The Pay Rate Code is: S (Salary Payment) or H (Hourly Rate)

9 Salary and Hourly Current Payment Calculation Actual Hours ________________________________________ Full Time Pay Period Hours X Standard Pay Period Hours for the Pay Cycle _________________________________________________________ Standard Hours Per Month

10 Examples Salary: 88 / 88 x 87 / 174 =.50 Hourly: 33 / 88 x 87 / 174 =.19

11 Salary and Hourly Other-Than-Current Payments Out of Cycle Payments Retroactive Pay Additional Pay. Earn type categories of: – A (Additional Pay ) – S (Sick Leave Buyout) – V (Vacation Leave Buyout)

12 Salary and Hourly Other-Than-Current Payment Calculation Actual Hours _____________________ Standard Hours Per Month

13 Example 44 / 174 =.25

14 Sick Leave Buyout Calculation Actual Hours Institution __________ X Parameter Standard Hours 401 Per Month

15 Example 96 / 174 x.25 =.14

16 Hourly Faculty Pay Rate Code is H (Hourly) and Job Category is: – M (Moonlight Faculty) – P (Part Time Faculty) or – S (Stipend)

17 Hourly Faculty Calculation Actual Hours ______________________ Contract Units or Institution Parameter 1105

18 Examples Using Contract Units: 21.50 / 112 =.19 Using Institution Parameter 1105:  / 60 =.30

19 Contract Payments Pay Rate Code is C (Contract Payment)

20 Contract Payment Calculation Job Term Transaction Hours __________________ X ________________________ Payment Term Job Hours

21 Example (9 / 19) x (88 / 88) =.47

22 Job Terms Are Important 1 Quarter = 3.00 2 Quarters = 6.00 3 Quarters = 9.00 4 Quarters = 12.00

23 Contract Payments Staff Month Updated to PS0003 Accumulated Open field and can be adjusted if necessary Used in End of Contract Staff Month Adjustments

24 Final Contract Payments Adjustment Job Term X Percent of Full Time 100

25 Example 3 x (5 / 100) =.15

26 How Adjustment Is Used Compared with Cumulative Difference is adjustment Charged to the first account Staff months only assigned up to the result of the above calculation End of Contract Staff Months Adjustment Report (PS1205B) shows adjustments

27 Cumulative Job Staff Months Reset to zero if you change the job begin date to a date that is greater than the previous job end date If you only change the job end date of a job, the cumulative job staff months will continue to cumulate Will not reset to zero if job dates changed with Mass Data Change

28 Questions?

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