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High Speed Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis Peter Tatai AITIA International, Inc.

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1 High Speed Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis Peter Tatai AITIA International, Inc.

2 AITIA Divisions Telecom – passive monitoring and active service solutions Speech – continuous speech recognition, voice portals, word spotting (poster) Simulation – simulation of complex systems, multiagent simulation tools Web – content & work flow management, portal development Design – innovative graphical solutions, chatbot information systems

3 Introduction of AITIA by a Chatbot An example of chatbot information solutions

4 Telecommunication Division Developing and providing software for Network-wide Monitoring Systems Telecommunications Traffic Analysis Application Gateways & Service Logic Fraud Detection Systems Short Message (SMS) Handling Support for Roaming Services and Testing Location Based Services Missed Call Notifications EIR: Equipment Identity Register

5 Interface cards Based on in-house developed cards: 2x2 (1.5) Mbps PDH (E1/T1) 2x155 Mbps SDH/SONET and ATM 4x100 BaseT, copper 4x1000 BaseT, fiber, copper Utilizing L2 and L3 technologies: SS7 MTP HSL - many - e.g.30 links bundled MTP3b, AAL-5 Ethernet, SIGTRAN, ATM

6 The Present

7 Our Passive Monitoring Systems in Use for 1…10 years SS7 & GPRS monitoring to cover complete networks  analyzes and stores traffic and call data (30 million calls/day)  creates statistics and debug info  real-time call tracing  filtering fraudulent calls  right tool for handling customer complaints Gigabit EthernetMonitoring  monitoring Tbytes of data for traffic analysis  to detect bottlenecks and other traffic problems  on-line filtering and off-line processing software

8 GSM Monitoring System (SS7/PCM signaling links) statistics CDR (TCP/IP) CDRs (SQL/Net) PMS Server statistics (TCP/IP) NOC alarms (SNMP/UDP/IP) Probe SS7 bits SS7 bits SS7 bits

9 Monitor Probe Architecture PCM / SS7 signaling links SGA47 SS7 decoder MSUs Signaling Link configuration Alarm thresholds on statistics results CDR elements (IAM,ACM,...) Signaling Link statistics, events Remote configuration SS7 bits Server Call Trace requests & results Remote Capture Client XClient Y Call Trace TS k.TS i.TS j....

10 Some References T-Mobile Entire GSM and GPRS network monitored (15 million calls/day) SMS handling (Welcome, Bon voyage, Info, Mass SMS) Gateways, Roaming Testers, USSD, Fraud Detection Pannon GSM (Telenor) SMS handling (Welcome and Mass SMS) LBS – Location Based Services solution Vodafone SMS handling (Welcome and Mass SMS) Roaming Testers Invitel SS7 network monitoring and call statistics Ericsson Network Emulator for VoIP services, Semi-Transparent Relay Function NTT, Japan IP/ATM Network monitoring (1999) for the Japanese Gigabit network

11 Why to monitor? Everyday network maintenance Traffic analysis Debugging Fraud detection Bottleneck detection Quality of Service Handling customer complaints Network optimization and planning

12 The Future

13 Aims To develop a multipurpose board for NGN networks as a monitoring and data-processing unit with very high performance low power consumption high scalability composability

14 Hardware Architecture of C-Board 2x10 Gbit/s --- 8…16x0.1…3.5 Gbit/s

15 Foreseen Main Applications for the C-Board Measuring traffic mix Deep packet inspection IMS SIP platform (IP Multimedia Subsystem, Session Initiation Protocol) Routing at Layer 2, Layer 3, GMPLS (Gigabit Multiprotocol Label Switching) Video transcoding Media Gateway Firewall Traffic generator

16 The Team AITIA and BME (Budapest University of Technology) common project + SCALOPES (Artemis) European project with 37 European partners Project leader: Pal Varga

17 Thank you for your attention! AITIA International, Inc.

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