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ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AT SOLID WASTE (SW) LANDFILLS QUIZ Ruxandra Floroiu, Environmental Engineer, ECSSD WB Safeguards Workshop Chisinau, Moldova October.

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1 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AT SOLID WASTE (SW) LANDFILLS QUIZ Ruxandra Floroiu, Environmental Engineer, ECSSD WB Safeguards Workshop Chisinau, Moldova October 28-31, 2008

2 Case Study Story Environmental monitoring is required to evaluate the performance of a SW Landfill in Moldova financed by the Bank and to monitor potential environmental impacts and public health and safety risks from any contaminant release during the landfill operation stage; In accordance with the solid waste and overall environmental national standards and international regulations, the Landfill Operator is obliged to hire a certified environmental consulting firm to prepare and perform a long-term monitoring plan for the landfill. Such monitoring plan should be developed in agreement with the EMP prepared for this landfill; YOU are strongly recommended in the local environmental field as having special experience with the design and implementation of groundwater and landfill (methane) gas monitoring plans affiliated with solid waste landfill operation; still, you need to convince the Operator that you have the basic knowledge required to develop a proper environmental monitoring plan for landfill operations management. You need to pass the following quiz!

3 Which of the following is NOT a good reason to develop an environmental monitoring plan for a solid waste landfill? 1.Public health and worker safety 2.Respect the national environmental law and World Bank standards 3.Avoid paying penalties and fees 4.Employment opportunities 5.Purchase of Carbon credits 6.Used routinely for making decisions regarding landfill system maintenance and corrective actions

4 1.An updated landfill site map; 2.An Environmental Monitoring system design (including wells) for water quality (groundwater, surface water, leachate) and air quality (landfill methane gas); 3.Water temperature, alkalinity, heavy metals concentrations, 4.Description of sample collection methodology, frequency, and estimated costs for monitored parameters; 5.Regulatory information including specific methane/water/soil pollutant concentration limits 6.History of landfill operation and maintenance Which of the following is NOT a parameter for landfill operation monitoring?

5 What are some features for good criteria to select adequate landfill monitoring indicators? 1.That can correctly measure the proposed mitigation impacts affiliated with the landfill operation; 2.Listed and agreed in the Landfill Permit for Operation; 3.That do not exceed the Maximum Admissible Concentrations for air and water quality in Moldova 4.That cost less and are easy to be collected (sampled) 5.That correspond to the Government national environmental strategy related to climate change mitigation and adaptation; 6.That comply with World Bank requirements for sustainable environment

6 What will be the way to monitor landfill methane gas emissions concentrations? 1.Using portable gas detection instruments (methane meters) to measure methane concentrations in selected sampling points; 2.Collecting measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals concentrations in landfill; 3.Assessing impact from landfill odors; 4.Analyzing noise charts and traffic disturbances surrounding the landfill; 5.Evaluating birds and insects life; 6.Observing wind blown materials around the landfill area

7 How would you identify a good indicator for groundwater pollution from the landfill? 1.Increased levels of cancer in population surrounding the landfill; 2.Increased temperature in the center of the landfill; 3.High alkalinity levels in surface waters; 4.Sulfur Dioxide (SO 2 ) concentrations quarterly measured in a town located 5 km away from the landfill; 5.Invasion of mosquitoes in the landfill area; 6.Growing vegetation on top of the landfill

8 What are some things that will indicate improper operation of landfill? 1.Daily groups of waste pickers; 2.Spontaneous flames and explosions; 3.Frequent visits by dogs, cats and rats; 4.Development of birds’ nests; 5.Dwellings on the grounds; 6.Shopping center construction 50 m away from the landfill; 7.Environmental inspections by local authorities

9 What could be some institutions responsible for the proper monitoring of the landfill? 1.Local and/or Regional Departments of Environmental Protection in charge with Air and water quality; 2.High school and College Students; 3.Doctors and health specialists; 4.Project Management Unit; 5.Contractors and Supervisor Engineers; 6.Operators; 7.Accredited Environmental Laboratory

10 Some aspects of the environmental monitoring reports 1.How frequently should you suggest to prepare the monitoring reports (i) only when accidents happen; (ii) quarterly; (iii) anytime when requested? 2.Who are the parties interested in these reports: (i) Operator; (ii) Contractor; (iii) Public; (iv) Department of Health; (v) Government of Moldova; (vi) Environmental Auditor? 3.Should the monitoring report be shared on a timely basis with: (i) other local governmental institutions; (ii) international research centers; (iii) NGOs? 4.In what language should these reports be prepared: (i) English language only; (ii) local language; (iii) any language? 5.Are these reports always sent to World Bank: (i) Yes; (ii) No? 6.Who bears the cost of doing the monitoring: (i) Operator; (ii) Government of Moldova; (iii) the World Bank; (iv) local community?

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