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Introduction Arvid Hesse 34 years old Graduate in Energy Engineering

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1 wpd AG Wind energy in Argentina Company profile and goals Comodoro Rivadavia, October 1st

2 Introduction Arvid Hesse 34 years old Graduate in Energy Engineering
Engaged in wind energy development since 2000 Special focus on green field development and technical aspects of wind farm planning At wpd responsible for Greece and South America

3 Key Facts wpd is a worldwide acting Turn Key Developer, Seller and Operator of wind energy projects Founded in Headquarters in Bremen, Germany About 200 employees Total investment: 1.66 billion EURO / 2.34 billion US$ Commissioned power: 1185 MW (operating 1600 MW) Thereof: Taiwan: 50 MW France: 18.5 MW Croatia: 11,2 MW Belgium: 9 MW

4 Operation & Maintenance
Key Facts wpd offers the complete range of services in the form of custom-tailored, single-source solutions: wpd-group Operation & Maintenance Project Development Financing Construction

5 Key market Europe Project Pipeline Onshore & Offshore about 6,000 Megawatt Offices in: Germany (6) France (3) Spain (3) Croatia (2) Italy Bulgaria Sweden Finland Denmark Great Britain

6 Worldwide Activities active development market entry intended

7 Strategy & Outlook The ongoing strategy of wpd is to continuously expand the wpd planned and owned wind farms around the world. wpd will be a dominant player in selected wind energy key markets. wpd is on track to be Europe´s leading Offshore developer

8 Overview Business Fields

9 Goals / Strategy for Argentina
Checklist before entering new markets: Excellent wind regime Clear targets for renewable energies Good legal, political and economic framework Grid access

10 Goals / Strategy for Argentina
First impressions of the Argentine market:  Huge wind potential and good infrastructure  Promising market  Political will for renewable energies  Feed-in-tariff / political framework

11 Goals / Strategy for Argentina
Long term commitment Taking and being part of the Argentine wind energy development Establishment of an Argentine company Own project development and/or long term partnership with local developer

12 Goals / Strategy for Argentina
 develop, finance, build and operate!

13 Thank you for your attention!

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