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ATSC Voyager Wireless Law Enforcement Applications

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1 ATSC Voyager Wireless Law Enforcement Applications
For Texas Law Enforcement Agencies

2 Who Are We? ATSC is a Public Company (ATSC)
500+ Employees 130M Annual Revenue ATSC is a Systems Integrator Public Safety, Homeland Security & Justice, Defense, Intelligence Federal Civilian ATSC Public Safety, Homeland Security & Justice Standards (NIEM, GJXMD, JIEM) CJIS COTS Applications Handheld wireless Mobile and desktop Complex Integrated Justice Solutions Built by ATSC 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

3 ATSC Voyager Trusted By US Law Enforcement
Designed to Support Field Operations Voyager Software as a Service State CTA Approved in 20 states 400+ Federal, State and Local agencies nationwide Substantial Law Enforcement Agency adoption Federal Dept of Interior, FBI, US Marshals State Alabama Statewide System Local (large) Seattle PD, Miami Dade County PD, Norfolk PD King County Sheriff, Atlanta PD Voyager Enterprise Server Platform Dedicated Agency Infrastructure (all 50 states) Outsourced management 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

4 Maximize Officer Productivity and Safety
ATSC Voyager: Instant Data Access Perform records checks on wants, warrants, tags and other CJIS information in seconds Secure wireless platform Easy for officers to use and operate Information Sharing via intra/inter agency communication Reduce congested two radio network traffic with dispatch via real time responses Connect to additional local data sources, such as RMS Integrated for automatic data population of citations Maximize Officer Productivity and Safety 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

5 ATSC Voyager - Application Security
Completely secure end-to-end solution Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption Meets all FBI CJIS-compliant security requirements Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant Authentication of agency, user and device on every transaction Two Factor Authentication Extensive transaction logging per FBI requirements Secure web-based portal for user reports and agency auditing of all transactions per FBI/CTA requirements 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

6 ATSC Voyager - “Out of the Box”
NCIC/State CJIS/NLETS Access Persons Vehicle Plates, VINs and Drivers Licenses FBI Stolen Vehicle, Property and Firearms Boat HAZMAT Codes and Guidelines Amber Alerts Additional Federal, State and Local criminal justice data Image support Secure messaging Voyager Online Administration and Reporting Tool Users and administrators can run reports on all transaction activity Manage users, passwords, download applications, etc. 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

7 Voyager Query - Handheld Voyager Mobile - Laptop
ATSC Voyager Products Voyager Query - Handheld Windows Mobile/Blackberry CJIS, NCIC, NLETS Integrated with APS PocketCitation Voyager Mobile - Laptop Desktop or Laptop Application Highly Configurable GUI GPS & Map Capable 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

8 Voyager Mobile – Person Check
Units on duty 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

9 Select a Category (e.g. Plate Check) and input data
3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

10 Officer Selects Person & Vehicle Data
3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

11 Review NCIC/CJIS Return
3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

12 Electronically Auto-Populate Pocket Citation
3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

13 Voyager Online 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

14 Voyager Reporting Tool
3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

15 ATSC Voyager Client Pricing
Client software licensing Handheld - $795 per device Laptop - $1350 per device Maintenance at 20% of License (first year included) Annual Payment Handheld - $359 per device/year Laptop - $599 per device/year Billed annually 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

16 Additional Pricing Considerations
Other Terms and Conditions Wireless data charges, air-cards and mobile hardware are the responsibility of the acquiring agency E-Citation sold separately by APS, additional costs apply 1x $50 Set Up fee per device to connect to Voyager No other fees or costs apply aside from client licenses Security paperwork takes 3-7 weeks for approval 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

17 ATSC Voyager Server – Enterprise Deployments
Dedicated Infrastructure Agency wants to manage their own system Desires connection to other agency, county data services Multi Agency Server Construction allows other agencies to be hosted 3rd Party Hardware and Software (Intel Box and MS SQL 2000) Installation Support and Training Expect a day time frame for state to approve paperwork and additional 30 to 60 days for installation Agency supplies internet connection ATSC will assist agency in getting State CSO paperwork approved ATSC can support server remotely 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

18 ATSC Voyager Enterprise Server Pricing
Applies to dedicated deployments ATSC Voyager Enterprise Server and CJIS Interface is $8,500 Includes Standard Implementation and Remote Installation Support ATSC provides final install pricing and SOW to the customer if project requires additional implementation services Agency supplies Intel based hardware and MS SQL 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

19 Contacts for ATSC Voyager
Sales Mark Viso Voyager Sales Manager T: (858) Sandra Deiderich Channel Sales/Admin Support T: (571) Marc Winitz Vice President, Sales T: (858) Implementation/Customer Service Lee Xiong Voyager Support Manager T: (877) Voyager 24/7 Customer Support (877) 3/25/2017 Copyright ATSC

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