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Sperm Whale Killer Whale Sperm Whale Killer Whale.

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2 Sperm Whale

3 Killer Whale

4 Sperm Whale Killer Whale

5 ( )1.The sperm whale is longer than the killer whale. ( )2.The sperm whale is heavier than the killer whale. ( )3.The killer whale is shorter than the sperm whale. ( )4.The killer whale has more teeth than the sperm whale. ( )5.The sperm whale can jump out of the water. × ×

6 NameSperm whaleKiller whale Length Weight Teeth Tail Food Skill

7 NameSperm whaleKiller whale Length15m8m Weight35t3600kg Teeth5040 Tail8m6m Foodsquid,lobsters,s mall sharks fish,birds,seals, even whales Skillcan dive into deep cold water good swimmer,can jump out of water

8 1.A sperm whale is than a killer whale in its length. 2.A killer whale is than a sperm whale in its size. 3.A sperm whale has 50 teeth. It has more teeth than a killer whale. 4.The length of a sperm whales tooth is cm. longer smaller 10 20

9 African elephant Height: 3meters. Weight: 6tons Teeth: 1.5 meters long Food: branch, bark, weeds Indian elephant Height: 2.4 meters. Weight: 2.7 tons Teeth: 1.8 meters long Food: leaves, weeds, wild fruit

10 ( )1.The Indian elephant is taller than the African elephant ( )2.The African elephant is heavier than the Indian elephant. ( )3.The Indian elephant has longer teeth than the African elephant. ( )4.They all eat weeds. ( ) 5.They all eat barks. × ×

11 1.The African elephant is than Indian elephant in its length. 2.The Indian elephant is than the African elephant in its weight.

12 Sperm Whale Killer Whale

13 1 2

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