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Ending an Era Adams and Jackson.

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1 Ending an Era Adams and Jackson

2 Shattered Era of Good Feelings

3 Voting Requirements in the Early 19c

4 Voter Turnout:

5 Why Increased Democratization?
White male suffrage increased Party nominating committees. Voters chose their state’s slate of Presidential electors. Spoils system. Rise of Third Parties. Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.) Two-party system returned in the 1832 election: Dem-Reps  Natl. Reps.(1828)  Whigs (1832)  Republicans (1854) Democrats (1828)

6 Voter Turnout

7 Election of 1824 = The Corrupt Bargain
4 Candidates Running John Quincy Adams (son of John Adams 3rd President) Henry Clay (American System) William Crawford (ever heard of him???) Andrew Jackson (early advantage and won popular vote but not electoral college vote)

8 12th Amendment If no candidate gets the electoral college vote, then the House of Representatives decides who the next president will be Why is Henry Clay so important? Presides over committee that got to pick the presidential winner Clay didn’t like Jackson so he persuaded the committee to vote for Adams

9 Corrupt Bargain Adams won the 1824 election
Clay became secretary of state Was this fair?????? Jackson called this a corrupt bargain

10 John Quincy Adams as President
Not popular Didn’t like the spoils system Proposed giving the federal gov’t more control Highways Canals Arts and sciences promotion Found a national university Tariffs Cherokees – wanted to be fair Do you think this would continue sectionalism? Who would be opposed and why?

11 The “Common Man’s” Presidential Candidate

12 Jacksonians Weren’t giving up!!!!
Believed they had been cheated out of the White House in the election of 1824 “Old Hickory” Attempted to portray Jackson as a common man; farmer; no college He actually lived in a mansion; was a wealthy planter; owned slaves Universal White Man Suffrage Who couldn’t vote?

13 Jackson as President Jackson won the election of 1828 Spoils System
Tariff of Abominations

14 Tariff of Abominations
Rates were extremely high!!!! Who wouldn’t like this? What do they do about it?

15 South Carolina Exposition
John C. Calhoun – writer Wanted South Carolina to say that the tariff was null and void in SC because it was unconstitutional What does this remind you of?

16 South Carolina Nullification Crisis
South Carolina Special Convention of 1832 2/3 majority declared the tariff null and void Jackson’s reaction Have nullifiers hanged Union power Send in troops to enforce the law Why is this so hard to believe from Jackson? Clay the Compromiser

17 Clay the Compromiser Compromise Tariff of 1833
Reduce the tariff by about 10% over 8 years back to the “mildly protective” tariff of 1816 Force Bill – “Bloody Bill” president could use army and navy to collect tariffs if necessary Clay came out looking like a HERO

18 Compromise of 1833/ Missouri Compromise
How are they similar?

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