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MyPD Support Meeting for Central Office Course Developers From Training & Development Office.

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1 MyPD Support Meeting for Central Office Course Developers From Training & Development Office

2 2008-09Training & Development Office 2 Outline Course Design Tips (A) Class Management Tips (B) Troubleshooting Tips (C) PD Policy Updates (D) Helpful Tools (E)

3 2008-09Training & Development Office 3 College model One Course– CIS 110-Intro to Computers Many sessions—classes that meet on different days and time throughout the semester

4 2008-09Training & Development Office 4 Course Classes

5 2008-09Training & Development Office 5 A1-Central Office Class Design One course — MAT MID 05-06-Algebraic Thinking Multiple classes - MAT MID FA05-Algebraic Thinking-Oct. MAT MID SP05-Algebraic Thinking-Jan. MAT MID SU05-Algebraic Thinking-July

6 2008-09Training & Development Office 6 A1- Design Benefits Less typing Set up district initiatives for specific schools with local class management as needed Easy class management with delegation once classes are set up through CMS Facilitator field Less clutters on screen Eliminate multiple registrations for the same course (default).

7 2008-09Training & Development Office 7 A1- Design Steps (One course, multiple classes) Demo Detailed steps are covered on p. 19 of the Course Development Guidelines.

8 2008-09Training & Development Office 8 A2-Avoid Using the Same Class Names Per Licensure, you only get credit once within the five-year renewal cycle if your class names are the same. Example, PDV 352 FA05 Love and Logic PDV 352 FA06 Love and Logic

9 2008-09Training & Development Office 9 A2-Avoid Using the Same Class Names Solution: Add the Year to the class names or name the classes differently. Example, PDV 352 FA05 Love and Logic, 2005 PDV 352 FA06 Love and Logic, 2006

10 2008-09Training & Development Office 10 A3-Partial Credit Add your meeting hours, please. DOUBLE CHECK : Meeting Hours = CEU Contact Hours This is a must for partial credit to calculate correctly.

11 2008-09Training & Development Office 11 A4-Assignment for Extra Credit Document Independent Work / Homework in Assignment tab if you want to award extra credit. Accounting: Set extra meeting dates to account for the homework hours. – Check the “Is Homework” check box.

12 2008-09Training & Development Office 12 Homework Example

13 2008-09Training & Development Office 13 A5-Plan Ahead Policy requires you to submit your class 30 days before you start your class. Our Commitment: Within 5 days of submission, you class will be handled. We WILL NOT publish retroactive classes.

14 2008-09Training & Development Office 14 B1-How Do I Know? If my classes are published? – A: Check the Catalog for class publication – MAKE SURE you add the group that includes you in Edit Class—Properties—Groups. If my classes are returned? – A: Read the notification email I send you What changes I need to make? – A: Read the Internal Comments under Class Properties.

15 2008-09Training & Development Office 15 B2-MyPD Sign-In Sheets Use the sign-in sheets generated from MyPD (Roster—PDF) for participants to sign in Benefit 1—easy to take attendance Benefit 2—you know who has not registered and can remind them accordingly

16 2008-09Training & Development Office 16 Sign-in Sheet Example

17 2008-09Training & Development Office 17 B3-Take Attendance & Issue credit You MUST check attendance first and issue credit as follows: Attended—all sessions, eg. 4 of 4 Absent—no sessions, eg. 0 of 4 Partial—some sessions, eg. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 Never leave anyone “In-progress”.

18 2008-09Training & Development Office 18 B3-Issue Credit Shortcut Attendance must be taken correctly for this to work. On the Issue Credit screen (with everyone “In- progress”), you can select Credit Status: All— Partial. The system will then calculate the credit based on the attendance, and turn them into ATTENDED, ABSENT, or PARTIAL.

19 2008-09Training & Development Office 19

20 2008-09Training & Development Office 20 B4-Deadline for Issuing Credit 15 business days after the last class meeting 7 business days for stipend classes I will contact you to close your classes if not done. Close classes = Take Attendance and Issue Credit

21 2008-09Training & Development Office 21 B5-Registration & Cancellation Every CMS employee MUST register for classes by midnight of the day of workshop in MyPD in order to get CEU credit for CMS workshops. Participants must cancel their registration by midnight of the first meeting if they – Register for the wrong class – Cannot attend the class They will be marked “Absent” if they do not attend / cancel classes.

22 2008-09Training & Development Office 22 B6-Can I ….For Teachers? Register – A: No, you can’t. They must register for themselves by midnight of the day of workshop, with your help if needed. – Walk-in feature is only used when your classes have limited seating, AND you need to fill in the empty seats due to no-shows. (DO NOT use the walk-in feature to register for people who forget to register for classes.)

23 2008-09Training & Development Office 23 B6-Can I ….For Teachers? Cancel – A: No, you can’t. They must cancel by midnight of the first meeting while they still see the CANCEL button on their Welcome screen. – T&D Office WILL NOT remove / cancel participants out of classes. It is participants’ responsibility.

24 2008-09Training & Development Office 24 B7-LOCK Command Button (Course) When you lock a course, no one can see your published classes in the Class Catalog. DO NOT lock your courses as a general rule.

25 2008-09Training & Development Office 25 B8-ARCHIVE Command Button (Class) When you archive a class, no one can see the class on the EDIT CLASS/CLASSES screen. DO NOT archive classes as a general rule.

26 2008-09Training & Development Office 26 C1-Where is My Class? You have hidden/archived your class. To see your hidden classes, set the filter— Show Hidden to Yes, and click the Filter button. To un-hide your class, click the Unarchive button aligned with your class.

27 2008-09Training & Development Office 27 C1- To See Your Hidden Class

28 2008-09Training & Development Office 28 C2- I Can’t Find My Class in the Catalog You have locked your course – A: Click the UNLOCK button on the Open/Edit course screen. You have used grouping to control registration and you are not part of the group. – A: Use default Groups setting— System Group: All Student

29 2008-09Training & Development Office 29 D1- LIC Prefix LIC courses are CMS workshops designed for Teacher effectiveness Teacher retention Teacher evaluations Teacher support programs Teacher leadership and empowerment

30 2008-09Training & Development Office 30 D1-LIC Prefix Who needs it? – Current School Administrators who need to renew their administrator license What is the requirement? – Current School Administrators who need to renew their administrator license need 50 hours/5 CEU for every five year renewal cycle.

31 2008-09Training & Development Office 31 D2- New Licensure Requirement Effective July 1, 2009, K-12 teachers must complete 3 renewal credits in their academic subject areas, including strategies to teach those subjects, during each five- year cycle.

32 2008-09Training & Development Office 32 E1-Attach Documents Many locations for different dates Pick and choose topics to attend Agenda Directions

33 2008-09Training & Development Office 33 Example

34 2008-09Training & Development Office 34 E1-Steps for attaching documents Enter and highlight the text in Course Introduction Click on the Document Library icon On the text tool bar Browse for the desired document Click on the Upload Files button Click “OK” to complete The text will appear as a hotlink Demo

35 2008-09Training & Development Office 35 AA B

36 2008-09Training & Development Office 36 Document Library A B C

37 2008-09Training & Development Office 37 E2-Scheduled Mail (Message Center) Use this function to send a pertinent email message to all participants in a selected class.

38 2008-09Training & Development Office 38 E2-What is pertinent? Date and time change Location change Cancellation Important reminder that is missing in the class catalog. Example 1: Bring your testing coordinator handbook to the workshop. Example 2: All homework is due by 5/25.

39 2008-09Training & Development Office 39 E3-Stipend Reports 1. See p.28 of Course Development Guidelines. 2. Verify/edit the Excel report to include course name and signature lines. 3. Facilitator sends Excel file electronically and paperwork to his/her Budget Analyst to process.

40 2008-09Training & Development Office 40 E4-Can I Hide My Courses? You CAN NOT hide courses from your Open/Edit Course screen. Instead, use the semester designator to filter your list.

41 2008-09Training & Development Office 41 Filter Courses B A C

42 2008-09Training & Development Office 42 All MyPD supporting documents are on Docushare—Professional Development— MyPD folder. If individual tutoring is needed, please contact Christina Efird for appointments.

43 2008-09Training & Development Office 43 Contact Information Course Development Support: Christina Efird 0820 MyPD Helpdesk / Renewal Credit: Kate McNally 5980

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