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In Sociology. What is tggggggggg? lack of equality.

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1 in Sociology

2 What is tggggggggg? lack of equality

3 Jkhsdfjkh as a Social Institution As we all know, there are a few requirements to be classified as a social institution: 1.Functional Requirements 2.Common Characteristics

4 Functional Requirements for hfjshfddd Socializing new members- The institution of inequality has many “members” so to speak and they are welcomed with open arms no matter their specific inequality problem. Replacing members- They don’t so much “replace” members as they do lose and gain supporters. Keeping order- This institution spans worldwide but the protests are organized and are not meant to harm others. Producing/distributing goods/services- There are numerous support groups and products used by this institution.

5 Common Characteristics of hdkdhdk Groups- There are many groups included in the inequality institution classified by the type of inequality they face including, but not limited to: gender, racial, social, income, and sexual. Roles- The fight for equality has many leaders as well as supporters, funders, and donators. Values- This institution has always had a very nonviolent ideal system and strives to change the norms of society for the better.

6 Common Characteristics of hskshsccc Norms- This institution’s norms focus around it’s goals to prevent bullying and judgment. Fulfillment- Every member of the inequality institution reaches their all around fulfillment by helping themselves and others. Challenges for Everyone- Each member comes into the institution with their own issues and challenges and, with the help of others, overcomes their difficulties.

7 Hagskdjj Analyzed: This perspective focuses on the way inequality influences society by creating organizations, protests, and proceedings such Woodstock and other pride/peace events. Functionalist Perspective

8 Hagshass Analyzed: This perspective focuses on the interactions between this institution and others. For example, in relation to the religious institution, the inequality institution has had opposing viewpoints in some areas that are now being more widely accepted. Interactionist Perspective

9 Hahsgsh Analyzed: Although protests are meant to be nonviolent, there are a numerous amount that end up becoming close to riots for many different reasons caused by many different forces. This perspective would analyze how this entire institution is based on the conflicts plaguing society and how to prevent/overcome them. Conflict Perspective

10 Hagsfodj Chutes and Ladders Chutes  1.MLK Died 2.Creation of the KKK 3.Slavery 4.Gender Pay Difference 5.Caste System 6.Female Inability to Attend Schools Worldwide Ladders 1.Women Get to Vote 2.DOMA is Repealed 3.Gay Marriage Currently Legal in 13 States 4.Civil War 5.Barack Obama is 1 st Black President 6.Sandra Day O’Connor is the 1 st Female Supreme Court Justice

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