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MPHS IB PAC IB PAC Parent Meeting August 21, 2012 4:30 – 5:20 p.m. MPHS Auditorium.

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1 MPHS IB PAC IB PAC Parent Meeting August 21, 2012 4:30 – 5:20 p.m. MPHS Auditorium

2 IB PAC Meeting Agenda Welcome – IB PAC Co-Presidents –Hilary Davidson & Fran Landess MPHS Welcome– Dr. Ron Thomas About IB Program & Curriculum –Dr. Ron Thomas, Chair, IB Program –Mrs. Vicki Brunnick, Counseling Department About IB PAC & Parent Engagement –Hilary Davidson & Fran Landess Wrap Up

3 About IB Program What makes IB Unique? 1.Preparation for Life in the 21st century 2.Program approach 3.Educates the whole student 4.Develops the capacity for inquiry, research, and problem-solving 5.Supports communication and collaboration skills 6.Commitment to the community and service 7.Measured against international standards 8.IB Learner Profile 9.Promotes intercultural understanding and respect 10.Mission to create a better world through education 11.Family friendly

4 About IB Program IB Student Achievement Culture of excellence IB exam results have exceeded world average for 18 consecutive years High college acceptance rates Increased scholarship opportunities High standardized test scores Strong correlation between IB participation and college success

5 About IB Program IB Middle Years Program The Five Themes 1.Approaches to Learning 2.Community and Service 3.Human Ingenuity 4.Environments 5.Health and Social Education + Personal Project

6 About IB Program IB Diploma Program Core Requirements 1.Theory of Knowledge 2.Extended Essay 3.CAS

7 About IB PAC What is the IB PAC? The purpose of the Myers Park IB Parents Advisory Council (IBPAC) is to provide a parental support group for the IB Coordinator, teachers, and students involved in the IB program at Myers Park High School. Who leads the IB PAC? Co-Presidents Hilary Davidson & Fran Landess Past-Presidents Julie Eiselt & Betsy Joyner Treasurer Vikram Kumar Secretary Ana Aceti Website Chair Brigitte Wang Speakers Forum Co-Chairs Cynthia Frank& Debbie Lord Hospitality Chair Leslie Flanagan Freshman Fall Social Chair Anne Schmitt Senior Graduation Event Chair Yvonne Tang IB Testing Coordinator Lynn Osment Student Initiatives Chair Lynn Osment Leadership Institute Chair Francie Lynch International Week Chair Mahtab Roberts IB Administrative Support Susan Shaver

8 IB PAC Planned Expenditures 2012-13 IB Books $ 2,000 IB General Teacher Support $ 2,500 IB Leadership Institute$ 1,500 IB Administrative $ 2,700 IB Testing/Facilities $ 2,000 IB Student Initiatives $ 2,000 IB Events $ 5,800 IB Sponsored Speaker Series $ 2,000 CAS “ManageBac” software $ 4,500 Total$25,000

9 IB PAC Parent Engagement Donate Volunteer Participate

10 IB PAC Parent Engagement Donate Provide funds to support the IB PAC 2012-13 planned expenditures! Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to #5614. Note: All VIC cards need to be re-linked every year and in addition to the Myers Park IB link, you can link up to four additional numbers (e.g. other MPHS programs or other organizations or schools such as elementary and middle schools.)

11 IB PAC Parent Engagement Volunteer ______IB Testing Coordinator (Chair: Lynn Osment) Help proctor IB tests in the spring and help recruit others to volunteer. ______Hospitality Committee (Chair: Leslie Flanagan) Support IB teachers and IB staff by responding to their needs– volunteering in the classrooms, luncheons, special requests. No set time commitment ______Leadership Institute (Chair: Francie Lynch) Volunteer to help the Leadership Institute. Modeled after Leadership Charlotte, this program is for IB juniors (by application) and develops student leadership with a global perspective. Volunteers coordinate and/or run the programs. _______Senior Graduation Event Committee (Chair: Yvonne Tang ) Help organize the senior graduation event which is held on the day of graduation rehearsal (usually right after final exams). ______Website (Chair: Brigitte Wang) Assist with website maintenance and/or content. ______Speakers Council (Co-Chairs Cynthia Frank & Debbie Lord) Serve as a parent liaison to work with the IB Student Council to host nationally recognized speakers at MPHS. ______International Week (Chair: Mahtab Roberts) Help support to this annual November event on the quad. Held during the school day, students from various international clubs showcase their culture and food. ______Student Initiatives (Chair: Lynn Osment) Assist the IB student council, and the freshman mentor program of the council, as needed such as for food, supplies, and support initiatives that the council develops. ______Floating Positions -- We will contact you as needs arise for extra help on various events throughout the year.

12 IB PAC Parent Engagement Participate Stay Informed –Bookmark the IBPAC website –Sign up for the IB Express. –Sign up for the IB Student Council news. –Bookmark the MPHS website - Socialize with IB Parents –Mark your calendars for these IBPAC Parent Socials Sunday, November 4 th, 2012, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (3143 Valencia Terrace) Sunday, June 2 nd, 2013, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (3401 Seward Place) Provide your input and ideas to the IB PAC leadership team

13 IB PAC – Wrap up and Q&A Reminders: –Following this meeting until 6:30 p.m. is a general MPHS new student open house. –The new student social in the cafeteria wraps up at 5:20 p.m. Meet your student’s mentor! Questions? –If you have questions, please feel free to stay and the IB PAC leadership team will be available to help you. Thank you and Drive Safely!

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