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Administrator Foundation:

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2 Administrator Foundation:
Customer Foundation: ELECTRICITY GENERATION COMPANY (EÜAŞ) Administrator Foundation: YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (YTU) Executive Foundations: TUBITAK-MAM

3 Support Program : TUBITAK 1007
Public Institutions Research Funding Program Start date Ending date Project duration 24 Months Project budget TL

Performance monitoring system of power plant states evaluation of plant production capacity and efficiency with measured data at that time. Performance monitoring is a system which shows decrease of plant’s and equipment performances to the operator. Performans artışı = Verim, Güç ve Emreamadelikte artış

5 AIM OF THE PROJECT Aim of this project is to design of a power plant performance monitoring and evaluation system and to implement it to a plant. Power plant performance monitoring and evaluation system monitors mechanical, hydraulic and thermodynamic parameters, which are measured and affects of them to the plant’s performance. System also compares the real performance of the plant with the reference performance criterias.

6 AIM OF THE PROJECT To inform the operator about the real performance levels of the equipments by using the data taken from monitoring and evaluation system of the plant’s .

7 AIM OF THE PROJECT To diagnose the problems about the power plant performance. To determine the parameters that cause degradation of the performance. To represent fast, easy and human independent solutions to the operator. To help the operator for generating a planned maintenance program on the equipment basis.

8 AIM OF THE PROJECT To determine the causes of possible boiler pipe deformations and to increase the power production ability of the plant. Projenin müşteri ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaya yönelik temel amaçları sıralanmalıdır

9 AIM OF THE PROJECT To create an infrastructure for designing of local power plant monitoring system that is possible to apply for all plants. To maintain a local performance monitoring system which will be installed by Turkish companies.

10 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT To design a local monitoring and evaluation system for Ambarlı Combined Cycle and Yatağan Coal Fired Power Plants. To implement this system to Ambarlı Combined Cycle Power Plant.

11 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Investigating of available performance monitoring systems all over the world. Investigating the relevant standards. Preparing the simulations of the power plants. Determining the equipment which affect the performance and their effect levels. YBT OBT ABT Kazan Ara Kızdırma

12 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Determining the performance of equipment at different working conditions Developing an economic model which calculates the cost of the degradation of equipment and all plant. Investigating the existing measurement devices and their locations, and determining the need of new measurement tools. Determining the locations of new measurement tools and planning of their installations. Projenin sınırları çizilmeli, projeye nelerin dahil olduğu ve özellikle nelerin dahil olmadığı vurgulanmalıdır

13 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Investigating the causes of the boiler pipe failures and increasing the power production ability of the plant. Preparing a software that will help the operator. This software will; show and compare the expected performance of equipment and overall plant. show the reasons, effects and possible solutions that causes degradation of the equipment. calculate the cost of degradations. Installing, testing, calibrating and submitting of the developed performance monitoring system to the Ambarlı Combined Cycle Power Plant.

14 OUTPUTS OF THE PROJECT Outputs of the projects:
Design of the power plant performance monitoring and evaluation system Software of the power plant performance monitoring and evaluation system Application of the power plant performance monitoring and evaluation system The essential specification for the installation of the system Design guide and algorithms of the monitoring system List of the parameters that affect the plant performance and their impact analyses. Economic analysis for performance degradation of the equipment. Deformation analysis of boiler pipes.

15 OUTPUTS OF THE PROJECT Designed system will;
monitor of the power plant with real time graphics. maintain possibility of performance monitoring on the basis of equipment to the operator. compare the existing performance with expected performance. Diagnose and give the solution offers before the problems come into existence in the plant.


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