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The powers of the branches of government come from it.

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1 The powers of the branches of government come from it.
The Constitution is the highest authority in the nation. It is the basic law of the United States The powers of the branches of government come from it. The constitution is a symbol of our freedoms and liberty.

2 There are 3 main parts of the Constitution
The Preamble: Introduction –states goals and purposes of the government. Articles- Seven of them-describes the structure of the government Amendments- 27 of them- additions and changes to the constitution

3 THE PREAMBLE “WE THE PEOPLE”- First words express that the power of government comes from the people. Middle part lays out the purpose of government. There are six of them. Can you name them?

4 THE ARTICLES Seven articles are identified by Roman numerals.
Article I –outlines Legislative Branch- 2 houses –the House of Representatives and Senate.-Lawmaking Branch Article II- explains the Executive Branch. The president heads the law-enforcing branch. Article II lays out how the president and vice-president are elected, or removed from office. Article III- outlines the Judicial Branch. This branch interprets the laws and makes sure they are fairly applied. It calls for a Supreme Court and lower courts as necessary.

5 Articles IV and V Article IV- explains the relationship between the states and national government. Article V specifies what conditions the Constitution can be changed. Article VI contains the statement that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Article VII The framers dictated that to ratify the Constitution only 9 states would need to ratify and it would take affect.

6 How does the Constitution get amended?
Take notes. What is the Necessary and Proper Clause? In William Henry Harrison died in office. What happened next and what occurred in 1967? Does the constitution allow for the president to propose budgets or bills to Congress? Why does the president do so? Should the constitution be interpreted narrowly or broadly or moderately? Your opinion-no right or wrong answer.

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