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Welcome to Third Grade in Ms. Chapman’s class!. Welcome to Open House!

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1 Welcome to Third Grade in Ms. Chapman’s class!

2 Welcome to Open House!

3 Introduction:  Ms. Chapman  This is my twenty-sixth year teaching.  To contact: email: call: 980-343-3755  Webpage

4 OP Administrative Team Principal – Rachel McKenzie Assistant Principal – Andrea Runyon School Counselor – Sarah Crist Academic Facilitator – Amanda Daniels

5 Daily Schedule 7:45-8:30 Morning Work 8:30-9:15 Reading Block 1 9:15-10:00 Specials –Monday: Art, Tuesday: Music, Wednesday: Media, Thursday: Computer, and Friday: PE 10:10-10:45 Reading Continued 10:45-11:15 Social Studies Block 1 11:15 – 12:25 Math 2 (homeroom) 12:25-12:55 Science Block 2 (homeroom) 12:55-1:20 Lunch 1:30-2:00 Recess 2:00-3:00 Writing/Grammar 3:00 Pack and Stack

6 Literacy in Third Grade Phonics, Daily 5, guided readings, spelling, vocabulary, and read aloud. We focus on building stamina and the ability to comprehend various text types at an individual challenging level. We are moving towards 50% non- fiction reading.

7 Each child grades 1-5 will be using Daily Grammar Practice –Nouns –Pronouns –Adjectives –Capitalization –Punctuation –Verbs In addition, teachers will build lessons to teach the grammar common core objectives in isolation. Grammar

8 Math Numbers and Operations Multiplication and Division Fractions Geometry Measurement and Data Algebraic Thinking

9 Science and Social Studies We are using the “The Essential Standards” in North Carolina ards/new-standards/ ards/new-standards/

10 Science Units Matter Energy Earth, Moon, and Sun Ecosystems Force and Motion Earth Systems (land and water features) Structures and Functions of Living Organisms (bones, muscles, support protection)

11 Social Studies Focus Citizens and Government Communities Over Time Different Roles Geography People and Economics People and Technology People Shape Communities

12 Testing: CMS and EOG MAP testing – works to your child’s level – on iPads and computers Pre-EOG The state of North Carolina requires all students in grades 3-8 to complete the End of Grade tests for reading and math. EOG Date May 28th (Please don’t schedule vacations during this time).

13 Grade Level Discipline Plan In order to guarantee your child and all the students in our classrooms the excellent climate they deserve, we are utilizing the following the discipline plan: Students will pull tickets for breaking a rule – this will be written in the agenda daily. Class Rules 1.Be Respectful 2.Be Responsible 3.Be a Good Learner.

14 Automatic Office Referrals: Physical Contact Inappropriate Language Threatening behavior to a teacher or another student

15 Rewards Class rewards – Marble Jar – students earn rewards for compliments in the hallway – if an administrator gives us a compliment the class will earn 3 marbles, the entire class staying on green all day, etc. “Shining Knights” – can come from a specials teacher, administrator, and Mrs. Gould at lunch. We compete weekly with other 3-5 classes. Character Ed based this year. Individual awards include special stickers, positive phone call/email, homework passes, or special treats.

16 Character Education We have monthly school wide character traits we focus on as a school. Shining Knights – school wide Class meetings

17 Homework Students should have a total of 30 minutes for homework each night. –15 minutes of reading – can read a textbook or do “Study Island” when we receive the passwords. –Math sheet – every night, except Friday – unless we’re behind. –Spelling – Monday through Wednesday –Reading sheets – students will be given multiple days and they can be counted as their “15 minutes” All homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated (projects, progress reports, and reading passages will have multiple days to be completed and the due date will be written on the homework board).

18 Homework - Absences The teacher will collect make-up work and give it to the student when they return to school. If the student is absent because they are SICK for 2 or more days the work can be placed in the main office after 3:15 (upon request). The teachers have 24 hours to collect make-up work for students. Students need to complete all make-up work and turn it back in. Forgotten homework: “Staff is not available to open a door after school hours to get forgotten work. We will not interrupt a classroom to deliver late homework.”

19 CMS Grading Scale A: 93-100 Excellent B: 85-92 Very Good C: 77-84 Satisfactory D: 70-76 Low Performance F: Below 70 Failing Grades count once unless it is a project or test.

20 Class work/informal assessments (warm-ups, notebook checks, group work, in-class tasks, and class participation )= 30% of quarter grade Homework = 10% of quarter grade (homework will be given as a participation grade) Formal assessments (tests, major quizzes, comprehensive writing assignments, and projects) = 60% quarter grade CMS Elementary Grading Procedures - NEW

21 One project per semester. Each project will have directions and rubrics to go with them Students will be given at least 3 weeks to complete the project. Counts as a formal assessment grade Projects: Grades 2-5

22 Parent Portal New NC system for attendance and grades You can access it from the CMS Website under the Parent Tab Help Desk: 980-343-9420

23 Be sure to give me your email address. This year we will be using Sign Up Genius for parent teacher conferences. I will also email you updates periodically. Quarterly Newsletters My website Phone calls. Communication

24 We go outside unless it is under 40 degrees Indoor recess –Board games, we try to stay active during this time Wear tennis shoes – we run laps almost daily Recess

25 OP Reading Incentive Program: Grades 3-5 Quarter Goal -read 3 books of different genres and turn in one form per book, per quarter. Semester Goal – read and turn in a total of 6 genre forms (3 per quarter) Your child will receive a formal assessment grade each quarter. (60% portion of grade) We are focusing on different genres again. They will choose from 8 different genres. This program helps meet the standards of the Common Core Detailed information will be coming home with our Sept. 13 Kick Off

26 Volunteer and Visitor Policy You must register as a CMS volunteer at: You will receive an email that confirms you as a volunteer. If you are from out of state it will take longer to run a background check. Go ahead and register any family member that may come to the school. Even lunch visitors must be approved. This is for the safety of your children. We appreciate your support!

27 Transportation Please send in a note – I don’t always get an opportunity to check my email during the school day – or call the office. If I do not receive a note I will be sending your child home their normal way – I cannot take their word for it. Buses – you must be registered to ride the bus. If you don’t ride the bus for a while they will remove you from the system…Students cannot ride the bus home with a friend – plan to be a car rider that day. Cars – walkers wait under the tree and you need a number to pick you your child. It is for their safety. No parents can wait under the breeze way – you may wait on the parking lot side of the crosswalk.

28 Fieldtrips I will email before a trip and ask for a volunteer. Children’s Theater CMS free

29 Birthdays Students cannot pass out invitations unless they are inviting the whole class – we don’t want anyone feeling left out. You will receive a directory with student information that you can use for invitations. No food celebrations in the cafeteria or classroom – we’re moving to a healthy alternative.

30 Siblings Refer to the OP Parent Handbook online: –Only parents/adults are invited to school parties, as the rooms become over crowded. –Preschool siblings may come with a parent who is involved in an individual activity such as AR, Art, or other PTA work. –Preschool siblings are welcome to come with parents to lunch. –Field day activities are for school aged children. The opening ceremonies are open for the entire family to attend, but the field day events are restricted to the school-aged participant and the adult volunteer or spectator so that the adult volunteer can focus on the safety of the school students.

31 Progress Reports Sent home weekly – Tuesdays Return by Friday – all papers need to be returned. At the end of the quarter I will send home all of the progress reports for you to keep. The work and notes on the front page reflect last week’s work.

32 Progress Reports

33 Materials Fee Due at the end of September Exact cash or check written to Olde Providence Includes the cost of our Time for Kids magazine and the NC Studies Weekly newspaper that we use weekly, Math Madness, and Cursive Writing Fieldtrips will be an additional fee and a notice will be sent home a few weeks in advance. In January we will collect money again for EOG practice materials.

34 Thanks for coming!! (This presentation will be added to my Wiki this week)

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