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My Electronic Portfolio Computer 7 By John Paul Gose.

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2 My Electronic Portfolio Computer 7 By John Paul Gose

3 My Electronic Portfolio This assignment would I say be the longest assignment of all the assignment we’d ever done. We wrote about all the things we did and wrote it on Microsoft PowerPoint.

4 Excel Spreadsheet We learned about spreadsheet and how to do them in Excel. We also learned how to make different graphs such as bar graph,line graph, pie graph, and many more. We also did the project with the with the planes and made a graph of our observations. What we did did to get the information was we flew planes and got the height of how far our planes flew. We had loads of fun during this excel spreadsheet.

5 My Excel Spreadsheet

6 Data Bases On this one,we did an address book of people we made up.The class and I had to make up 13 different people names,telephone number,address,zip code,birthday,and make up if they have any pets.Then when we had got all of the information we needed we made some sort of an address book. We had fun also on this assignment.

7 My Address Book Last NameFirst NameAddressCityStateZipTelephoneBirthdayEmailPets CoeNerd3213 Lo StreetAtlantaGA13250314-32453/20/85cool@see.comYes CollKol4357 Lame StreetHooverAL43570435-78534/8/45Coll@see.comNo JokMok2134 Train StreetHooverAL42576321-43254/30/89cool@dee.metYes MatLat2456 Erk StreetMiamiFL45660345-76894/8/79Bulls@see.comNo McpinkInk3456 Extreme StreetVictoriaTX43650423-75895/8/78Extreme@see.comYes MetWet4365 Snake StreetVictoriaTX43650345-98785/8/54Snake@see.comYes MinkaBat4256 House StreetMiamiFL89780322-23123/6/89Smith@see.comYes MunkChick3254 Mo StreetHooverAL54670324-75892/5/43cool@see.comNo NewCool2345 Gold StreetAtlantaGA43560536-42563/8/76Iverson@see.comNo PhoneTone3235 Cool StreetVictoriaTX65470435-97626/9/76Hardy@see.comNo TetRet3155 Rat StreetLos AngelesCA53670423-98674/6/99here@see.comYes TeyYey3214 Met StreetHooverAL35171654-62433/19/84cool@see.comNo

8 Word Processing On this assignment, we did a calendar for February. This is really all that we just did on this assigned assignment. I sort of had fun.

9 My Calendar February SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 242526272812

10 Animation On this assignment we really just made pictures move. We learned the tools that make them move and took pictures on word art. We had fun and enjoyed this assignment. I did my animation by taking pictures from clipart and adding new pictures to make it look good.Then I saved what I drew and drew other pictures that goes with my animation. When I was all finish I viewed it and saw it moving

11 Animation

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