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READ SILENTLY e ither your independent SEM-R novel or your Literature book.

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1 READ SILENTLY e ither your independent SEM-R novel or your Literature book

2 October 4, 2011 - Life Doesn't Frighten Me / On Turning Ten Speaker and Reading poetry Ho mework: None Lesson Essential Questions: H ow does an author develop a speaker's point of view in a text? War m Up: Read the paragraph on pg. 288 under "How do we know when we're grown up?" and in your notes, answer the "Quickwrite" questions.

3 Turn in your Literature book to pg. 289 To day we will be focusing on two skills: Text analysis: Speaker Reading strategy: Reading poetry

4 TEXT ANALYSIS: Speaker Who is the narrator in a poem? the speaker - the "voice" that talks to the reader 2 types of speakers What should you watch out for when identifying a poem's speaker? be careful - just because a poem uses "I" or "me" this does NOT necessarily mean that the speaker is the author. the poet a fictional character

5 MODEL THE SKILL: Speaker Turn to "The Pasture" on pg. 62 in your Literature book Who is a possible "I" in this poem? a farmboy, a farmer Who is a possible "you" in this poem? a family member, a servant, a friend How can you tell?

6 READING SKILL: Reading poetry 3 strategies for reading poems 1. reread the poem 2. read the poem aloud 3. take notes

7 MODEL THE SKILL: Reading poetry Who can volunteer to CLEARLY and FLUENTLY read "The Pasture" aloud? Nevermore!

8 Create the following chart in your notes...PULL TEXT! "Life Doesn't Frighten Me""On Turning Ten" Who is the speaker? a young girl 28-29 that new classroom where boys all pull my hair a young boy about to turn 10 16 - at seven I was a soldier, at nine a prince 27 - time to turn the first big number (double digits) 17 - But now... What situation does the speaker face? What is the conflict? problem in school 28-29 problems in her living situation 22 - tough guys in a fight.. 26 - strangers in the dark sad about leaving his childhood behind and getting older 24 - this was the beginning of sadness 26 - time to say goodbye to my imaginary friends. How does the speaker feel about the situation? confident and not afraid or she is trying to convince herself that she is not afraid life doesn't frighten me at all, not at all, not at all, life doesn't frighten at all. saddened 24 1 - the whole idea of it makes me feel like I'm coming down with something 19 - back then it never fell so solemnly 31 - But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life, I skin my knees. I bleed.

9 As we read these two passages, look for similarities and differences in the attitudes of each speaker toward growing up.

10 Easy How do we know we're grown up? Who is the speaker of each poem? Pull text to support your answer. Average Reading poetry What is the overall meaning of each poem? What images and ideas add to your understanding of each one? Challenging How do we know we're grown up? Which speaker seems more grown up to you? Explain your answer. Reading poetry How does the rhythm of each poem suit the feelings and ideas that each speaker is trying to express? Tiered Discussion Questions

11 "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" / "On Turning Ten" Comprehension Quiz Number in your notes from 1-10

12 Homework None

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