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Republicans vs. Democrats… What’s the difference anyway?

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1 Republicans vs. Democrats… What’s the difference anyway?

2 Potential Voters w/ these characteristics*: More Likely to VoteLess Likely to Vote Higher level of incomeLower level of income Higher level of education Lower level of education 35 years or olderYounger than 35 MarriedNot Married Occupation: Business/ProfessionalUnskilled White-CollarBlue-Collar

3 Member of Civic GroupsIsolated Individual Strong Supporter of PartyWeak or no party identification Perceives personal stake in election Perceives no personal stake in election Easy registration processDifficult registration process

4 Where they stand on the issues…  Abortion: R: Should be illegal & restricted by government D: Woman’s right – should be legal  Flag Burning: R: Protect the flag w/ a Constitutional amendment D: Flag burning is political speech & protected under the Constitution? (What landmark court cases dealt with Flag Burning?)

5  Gun Control R: Oppose-Gun control is unconstitutional D: Favor – Gun control is needed  Natural Environment R: Strong environmental laws harm the economy D: Strong regulations are needed to protect the environment  Race Relations R: People & Business can be trusted not to discriminate D: Strong anti-discrimination laws are needed

6  Minimum Wage R: Oppose- raising hurts business D: Favor – help workers  Healthcare R: Private insurers are preferable to government mandates D: Universal access to Healthcare  Family Values R: “Traditional” family values D: Support Homosexual causes

7  Many Americans regularly choose not to vote in elections. Why do you think people choose not to vote?

8  The main reason people choose not to vote is Apathy – lack of interest in politics.

9 Writing Prompt 1. Can you have Democracy without Political Parties? Why or Why not? 2. Is Public Opinion important? Please explain why. Think about your responses, because we will be discussing them.

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