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Ancient Egypt by: GEON HEE.

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1 Ancient Egypt by: GEON HEE

2 Introduction Ancient Egypt is near the Nile River. The Nile River helped Egypt to develop. Ancient Egypt had many legacies. The structure of society helped to build the country. It has more than a 3070 year history. Egyptians are so creative because Egyptians made many legacies and food.

3 SOCIETY STRUCTURE In ancient Egypt, poor people and rich people did not have the some roles in society. There are 5 levels: royal, scribes, craft workers, peasants and slaves. Poor people had very few rights. The pharaoh controlled the poor people. Pharaoh made the Egyptian government. Egyptian children did not go to school. Boys learned how to trade from their father. Rich boys were taught mathematics, medicine and other skills as well as writing letters. Girl learned how to cook and run a house from their mother.

4 LEGACIES Ancient Egypt had many legacies. Egyptians made a water clock in 1500B.C and they invented shadow clock 4000yrs ago. Ancient Egypt astronomers invented 365 day calendar. Ancient Egyptians also invented hot tom to make wine. Egyptian people were smart and their inventions helped us today.

5 FOOD Ancient Egyptians ate meat, fruit and drank sweet wine. Rich people ate meat such as roast sheep, goose and drank sweet wine. Poor people ate fish from Nile and grapes. Ancient Egyptian had many food to eat.

6 ARCHITECTURE Ancient Egyptians made pyramids. Ancient Egyptians built more than ninety pyramids between 2630 and 1530Bc. The largest pyramid called the Great Pyramid. It is the pyramid of Khufu. Slaves and famers built pyramids. The great pyramid is 146m tall. They used stone to build the pyramids. It took 50,000 people 20years to build the Great Pyramid. We still can see the pyramid now.

7 Conclusion Ancient Egyptians made many legacies and food. The pharaoh controlled the poor and rich. The rich controlled the poor and slaves. The most interesting thing about ancient Egypt was it has a 3070 year history.

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