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Anurag's BISS Grade 5R E-Portfolio  WELCOME TO MY PORTFOLIO.

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1 Anurag's BISS Grade 5R E-Portfolio  WELCOME TO MY PORTFOLIO

2 Table Of Contents  Maths Maths  Language Arts Language Arts  Unit of Inquiry Unit of Inquiry  Chinese Chinese  Physical Education Physical Education  Music Music  ICT ICT  Other Other

3 Websites  Studywiz Studywiz  Bisscommunity Bisscommunity  Wikispaces Wikispaces

4 Unit of Inquiry  DII DII  Peace + Conflict Peace + Conflict  Belief Systems Belief Systems  Kitchen Chemistry Kitchen Chemistry  Economics of food  Religious Survey  A current conflict

5 P+C  Humans need to manage their conflicts in order to live peacefully.  How conflicts can be resolved or managed  The role of governments in preventing and resoling conflict  Conflict Case studies  NMALL  Concept map (bullying)  Conflict Movie

6 (Belief Systems) ‏  People have different belief systems  The similarities and differences between various religions  How belief systems affect the ways people live their lives.  Connections between belief systems and culture.  Timeline Reflection Timeline Reflection  Still Movie Still Movie  A day in a life of…………. A day in a life of………….  Concept map 2 religions Concept map 2 religions

7 (Kitchen Chemistry)  Changes in energy can be used to change the properties of matter.  The properties of matter  How energy is used to change the properties of matter  How we make use of these changes  Chemical reactions involved in cooking  -Periodic Table of Elements websites  -Periodic Table of Elements posters  -Atom illustration  -Demonstrations  -Final Assessment: Cooking Experiment

8 Economics Of Food  What we eat has social, environment and economic implication.  Systems of food production and distribution  Food as a limited resource  Food choices and their impact  Cash Flow  Stockquest

9 (Discoveries: Inventions, Innovations & Explorations)  Innovations discoveries have shaped the modern world  Explorers innovation and their discoveries that have shaped the modern world  Inventions bring together the work of those who came before  Why people feel the need to discover new things and places.

10 Language Arts  Reading Comprehension (Early Dogs)  Vocab Cloze Activity  English Questionnaire  Writing Assessment: My Writing Holiday

11 Maths  Rounding Decimals to Tenths (A)  Word problems  Polygons Brain pop

12 Chinese  We go to Mrs. Lee's class to learn Chinese

13 Physical Education  Capture the cones  Dodge ball  Gymnastics  Running  Jumping  Kickball  Baseball  Speed Stack  Hurdles  Rock Climbing  Dancing  Handball

14 Music  In music we listen to song and make our own songs with a group or alone.  In Music I am learning to play the guitar to hear the songs go to the grade5r folder.  Music  You are my sunshine You are my sunshine  For what its worth For what its worth  Get back Get back  Imagine Imagine

15 I.C.T Microsoft Office Mavis Beacon Mac Internet Student folder LemondestandLemondestand,Yahtzee,Coffee,Mavis beacon games. In I.C.T we try to learn about different programs or do our work or maybe play games.

16 Other  Other stuff or subjects

17 Thanks for watching

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