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Who are customers? Internal External

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1 Who are customers? Internal External
All those who rely on you completing your task External All who pay your company for goods or services Find 3 examples of each for each person What would happen if the customers service “chain” was broken? 1 September 2003 customer service

2 What is customer service?
All value-added features Covers: Attitude of staff Policies Service Product knowledge Communication Courtesy Quality Activity first: Ask for an idea from everyone. Discuss how everyone’s idea is different & how they are the same. Try to find some key points that link up with msg = value added, but different things to different people Customer service is different things to different people 1 September 2003 customer service

3 What is good customer service?
$ Activity on page 258 Look for examples Good customer service is made up of: 20% = polite staff 80% - system to do the job right the first time (Raving Fans) Good customer service is service that meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations 1 September 2003 customer service

4 What does good customer service do?
Creates a win/win situation Maintains and improves customer relationships Benefits the customer and the company 1 September 2003 customer service

5 The cycle of good customer service
If you are good to your customer, they’ll keep coming back because they like you. If they like you, they spend more money If you treat them better, they keep coming back If they spend more money, you want to treat them better 1 September 2003 customer service

6 Benefits of Good Customer Service
Company Staff Pleasant business experience Increased efficiency & effectiveness A trusted place to do business Referral for next type of business Return business Increased profit Differentiates business Gives competitive edge Increase efficiency & effectiveness Job satisfaction Increased self esteem Possibility to share in increased profits Do Butcher’s paper. Think of experience of good customer service & think of what benefits were achieved Benefits: It’s easier to keep customers than get new ones 1994 Telestra porject fount 68% of people stopped dealing with a coy that showed little or no interest in them What price is price?? Dissatisfaction travels faster than satisfaction & is remembered longer Activiey: Ask class last time they wrote to a coy to compliment? Discuss bad expereiences. Who was harmed? If complaints are handled well, 70% of customers will be retained. (book) Activity: Page 258 Effective customer service is a benefit for everyone 1 September 2003 customer service

7 How is good customer service achieved?
Know your company’s objectives What does the company want to achieve? What is the reality? What needs to change? Know what your customers want Ask the customer what they want Find the most important 3 things Relate it to the company’s objectives Deliver the vision PLUS 1% Find one small, instant change & do it Change what is delivered & how it is delivered Know what criteria your customers will use to judge you & exceed it by 1% Establish procedures & standards 20% = people, 80% = procedures to make it happen Check with your customers regularly Create “templates” & standards for service” Workshop 3 examples: Hairdresser – customers want image Corner store – customers want basics at cheap prices Specialist car repairs – customers want knowledge & skill When establishing procedures, focus on CUSTOMER BENEFIT not product feature Customer big c: Convenience Trading hours, environment, location, delivery, financial terms Consistency quality & service Consideration Attention & Staff 1 September 2003 customer service

8 Let’s Review Customers are both paying external people & staff who rely on you Customer service is all value added features & is valued differently for each customer Good customer service is meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations Good customer service benefits the customer, the company and the staff Good customer service is achieved by: Knowing your company’s goals Knowing what your customers expect Creating a vision & adding 1% Create standards & procedures to maintain this 1 September 2003 customer service

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