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SE.4 Systems of Equations

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1 SE.4 Systems of Equations
Mystery Box SE.4 Systems of Equations

2 LAUNCH Recall how you solved “Coin Quandary” This task is similar.

3 Do not open Your mystery box
You will get a box with two types of erasers. Star erasers that cost 4¢ each Pencil top erasers that cost 3¢ each Do not open Your mystery box

4 Mystery Box

5 Mystery Box Work individually. x = number of star erasers
y = number of pencil top erasers x + y = total number of erasers 0.04x y = total monetary value of erasers

6 Mystery Box Compare with a partner.

7 Mystery Box Let’s share. What is your solution to the mystery? Ask,
What do you variables represent? How did you come up with that equation?

8 Open Your mystery box Mystery Box
It’s time to solve the mystery. Were you right? Open Your mystery box

9 ©Evergreen Public Schools 2010
Debrief In the system of equations, you wrote two equations. What does each equation count? When defining your variables, you need to be more specific than “x = star erasers” What do you need to add to your definition of x? ©Evergreen Public Schools 2010

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