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Being an essay.

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1 Being an essay

2 It is possible to live in two cultures, but it is not easy
It is possible to live in two cultures, but it is not easy. Write the title of the essay in your “title” space on the planning sheet. Essay question:

3 What is your opinion about this
What is your opinion about this? Can people live in two cultures, or perhaps between two? Talk about it Give them 5 minutes chat Discuss

4 Is it possible? Thesis statement
Can you express your opinion on this question firmly? Write your opinion down in one definite sentence on the exclamation side of your card Be ready to read it out ! Answer, can be yes/no, or yes or no with a rider. They read sentences and group votes on best and all write it in conclusion box. Is it possible? Thesis statement

5 Brainstorming body paragraphs
Make a statement and provide an example to prove that it is possible to live in more than one culture. Write the statement beside the “S” and the evidence beside the “E” on the “bright idea” side of the card but don’t share it at this point. S E Write the statement beside the “S” and the evidence beside the “E” on your “bright idea card but don’t share it at this point. Brainstorming body paragraphs

6 Sharing ideas Walk around silently and read everyone else’s card
This to show the breadth of possible ideas. Sharing ideas

7 Choose the six best ideas to use as body paragraphs in your essay How will you choose?
Prioritise according to the strength of the argument, which seems the most persuasive. Group must decide how to do this. Planning

8 Reasons for an idea being chosen It shows: A perceptive understanding of the topic Sufficient detail, development and support to help prove it. When the six best are chosen, remove the cards form the others and ask them to wait for instructions. Criteria

9 Six chosen people - write a paragraph first using your Statement, then your Evidence and finally an Explanation of how these prove the thesis statement S E This is just the basic structure of an essay, we presume students are familiar with each concept. For younger students, it can be divided up into an activity which demonstrates what a statement, evidence and an explanation is. Body paragraphs

10 You already have the firm statement to be proven written first in the paragraph. Now sum up your main arguments (the six best ideas) after the statement. Choose three of the non body paragraph writers and have them write the conclusion. Conclusion

11 Make a general statement about the issue of living in two cultures as a lead in for the reader. Finish with the firm statement (already written in the conclusion) that it is/is not possible. Choose the other three non body paragraph writers and have them write the introduction. Introduction

12 Now make a line holding your cards. What order should you be in. Why
Now make a line holding your cards. What order should you be in? Why? Come to an agreement on your order in the line yourselves. Allow them a few minutes to decide. Organisation

13 Criteria On what basis did you decide?
Lead them into articulating the criteria they chose. Teacher can bring them to the idea of strongest argument last, second strongest first, and so on. Criteria

14 Loudly and clearly and with much conviction read out your part of the essay without a pause between sections. Teacher asks the question as a starter. As a following activity, students would fill out their own planning sheets. Perform your essay

15 Take a moment to write on your planning sheet what you have learned about structuring an essay. Do you think it will help you to plan in the future? Reflection

16 This plan can be adapted for any use
For teachers This plan can be adapted for any use

17 Compare/contrast Follow the same procedure through
Beginning with a c/c question e.g. Is it better to live completely in the adopted culture or to try to live in both? Firm up an answer Then decide upon a pattern to plan your body paragraphs. It will be one of two: A1,B1,C1 – When each body paragraph concentrates on only one criterion and speaks about it exhaustively, giving the positive, the negative and the balanced view which encompasses both, e.g. The security of keeping to one’s own ways Or A1,A2,A3 B1,B2,B3– When each body paragraph has evidence for perhaps three criteria to be compared, e.g. exploring new foods, attending festivals, and accepting that this is where you actually live.

18 Compare/contrast Criteria for choosing body paragraphs are the same.
When brainstorming body paragraphs it will be necessary to fit the S,E and E into the patterns. If the class is big enough, two versions can be chosen to work through to performance; one from pattern #1 or #2 The conclusion also begins with the thesis statement and reminds the reader of the arguments made. The introduction likewise finishes with the thesis statement N.B. It is fun to have the same intro and conclusion for both patterns and it shows students that either pattern is a real choice. Organisation again is the same but for two sets of people, on for each pattern. Criteria for organisation is the same. Each pattern can then perform their essays and reflect on process and pattern

19 Expository The process is identical until order of body paragraphs
Here, the criteria for order of body paragraphs is sequential and logical, adding to strong argument.

20 Commentary Can be chronological or thematic depending upon the piece.
i.e. poetry lends itself to chronological throughout the piece; although not exclusively. It is fun to have students take a particular element of literary practice i.e. imagery, tone etc. and build a paragraph around it. Decisions on order of body paragraphs are crucial and provoke important discussions about what suits best and what sounds best.

21 Response to literature
Depending upon the question these essays can be c/c, argumentative, or persuasive. Elements of commentary can be used also as students become more familiar with paragraphs written in that form. Building body paragraphs in these essays requires more extensive treatment of quotations and an extra step can be written in before ordering body paragraphs to facilitate this.

22 Response to literature
The extra step would come before the body paragraph slide, would be titled “Steps to a body paragraph”, and would be shaped thus: Write a paragraph using your statement and choose appropriate quotations from the text to support it. Try to introduce the quotation as smoothly into the paragraph as possible and remember to use only those words which best support what your statement is saying. Another step needs adding here: Now choose from the quotation sentences the best/ smoothest ways to introduce quotations Then proceed to finishing the body paragraphs in the usual way.

23 Enjoy essays in movement

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