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The Civil War Begins.

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1 The Civil War Begins

2 Guiding Questions for Unit
1) What makes a civil war different from a foreign war? 2) How has the nation’s identity been forged in part by the Civil War?

3 The Confederacy Confederate States of America forms 2/4/1861
Confederate soldiers start taking Federal courthouses, post offices, banks, and forts in South WHY?

4 Fort Sumter One of only a few Federal forts remaining in South
Important? (See map & slide) Confederacy demands that Union soldiers inside surrender Union soldiers short on supplies and ammunition



7 Lincoln’s Dilemma Dilemma? His possible choices?
Choice #1: Send army into Charleston and reinforce the fort Risk of this action? Choice #2: Surrender of fort

8 Davis’ Options Option #1: Do nothing Risk?
Option #2: Attack/prevent food from being delivered (act of war)

9 Lincoln’s Genius Message to Davis that he wants to send in “food for hungry men” Why genius? Puts ball back in Davis’ court Davis’ options?

10 War Davis chooses war 4/12/1861 South bombards Fort Sumter
North Surrenders No casualties Lincoln calls for volunteers they pour into enlistment offices


12 Southern States take Sides
Upper South secedes after Lincoln’s call (VA, AK, TN, NC) Creation of West Virginia 4 Remaining Slave States (Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri)





17 North and South plans for victory
Northern Army: Army of the Potomac Southern Army: Army of Northern Virginia

18 Union’s Battle Plan Superior navy blockade ports Why?
Men & boats go down Miss. R. Capture capital at Richmond Why called “Anaconda Plan”?


20 Confederacy’ Battle Plan
Fight defensive war and attack North whenever possible Pros? Cons?

21 Bull Run July 21, 1861 25 miles from D.C. People watch as they picnic
Both sides inexperienced troops “Stonewall” Jackson wins day Union retreat through picnics Victory to the Confederacy

22 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

23 Battle of Bull Run Loss causes Lincoln to:
Call on 1 million volunteers Gen. George McClellan to lead army

24 Northern Retreat from Bull Run

25 Bull Run (continued) What did the North realize by losing the 1st major battle of the war? Why did some in the South think the war was over after the battle? What could Confederate soldiers have done after victory? What impact did this battle have on the North?


27 Ulysses S. Grant

28 Ulysses S. Grant (Western Theater)
Union general; very effective “Unconditional Surrender” Invades western Tenn. & 2 important Confed. forts on 2 important rivers; IMPORTANT? Fort Henry-Tenn. River Fort Donelson-Cumberland R.

29 Battle of Shiloh March, 1862; Tenn. Church Confederate surprise attack
Grant had no pickets, or scouts First part of the battle won by the South Grant reorganized and won the battle 25K killed, wounded, captured

30 Battle of Shiloh

31 What could be learned from Shiloh?

32 Mississippi River & New Orleans
Draw at Shiloh opens way to Miss. R. for Union; Battle plan? David G. Farragut-Union Gen. Leads fleet to mouth of Miss. R. and captures New Orleans Why important victory for North?

33 Ironclads: Monitor vs. Merrimack
What are they? Used to win at Forts Henry and Donelson Strengths? Draw but Union victory b/c South can not break Union blockade

34 Ironclads: Monitor vs. Merrimack

35 Revolutions in Warfare
Rifle: more accurate & greater rate of fire than musket Minie Ball: soft lead bullet that is more deadly; WHY? Early hand grenades & mines How did inventions change the way battles were fought?

36 The War for the Capitals
McClellan (very cautious) finally tries to attack Richmond He is met by Robert E. Lee “thought outside of box” Opposed to secession, but fought to protect VA; offered Union command Lee, outnumbered & suffers more casualties, but wins; Union retreats

37 Robert E. Lee

38 Battle of Antietam Lee marches toward D.C. & wins 2nd Battle at Bull Run Lee crosses into Union (MD) Lucky find by Union soldier McClellan finally attacks 9/17/1862, near small creek

39 Battle of Antietam (continued)
Bloodiest single day battle in U.S. history (26K causalities) Lee pushed back but McClellan again too cautious and does not pursue back to VA Lincoln fires McClellan afterward; Why? He runs as Dem. in 1864 Election

40 Battle of Antietam (continued)

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