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Education, Migration, Business, Employment 就业咨询顾问 RCSA12623 注册移民代理 0005485 The Consulting Arm of Austar International Graduate Students’s.

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2 Education, Migration, Business, Employment 就业咨询顾问 RCSA12623 注册移民代理 0005485 The Consulting Arm of Austar International Graduate Students’s Employment Path October 2004 Level 9, 416 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia

3 How to reach the job market with a long arm? ---Job Agencies Agents can help employers and employees to concentrate on what they do best Agencies have experts with employment process For job seekers, to find one agent is like to find many job opportunities CHINALINK AUSTRALIA is employment “middleman” or agent

4 Where do you begin? Self-Assessment To many recent college graduates, the most difficult part of finding a job does not involve formatting resumes, networking, and answering interview questions. Instead, these tasks are much easier compared to the exercise of figuring out what jobs to apply for in the first place.

5 Continued A common mistake is a tendency to assess the job market; pinpoint where the plentiful, lucrative jobs are; and then, without a second thought, direct their energies toward entering that field. The problem with that approach, however, is that a career in the hottest, trendiest field might be a terrible match for the jobseeker

6 Continued Accept that the self-assessment process is not instantaneous one year is the average period people need to identify careers that match their personalities and desires. It's important not to get frustrated and to be patient! Decide what you want out of your job. Ask yourself what it is about a job. Be sure to be honest with yourself

7 Continued Define Your skill The first step is NOT to think of yourself in terms of your specific degree. Employers often do not hire graduate because of their specific degrees - instead they use job applicants' skills as criteria for filling positions. So, instead of asking, "What are good jobs for IT majors?" ask, "What are my passions and strengths? What skills do I have? What do I want to be doing in my job ?" Search: Now and only now you start your real search for jobs and opportunities !.

8 Your Approach When communicating, need to be professional and formal – especially in e-mails (no all lower cases) Have a pleasant image Talk slowly to make sure everyone understands. Be polite; make the effort in establishing rapport Manage your own expectations Be proactive and use your network You need to sell yourself; remember other people to know YOU before they make the decision.

9 What employers are looking for? Well rounded individuals – no experts to begin Communication skills is extremely important Local work experience with referee is critical Work experience – team work Not just purely academic record Business focus; you know how to fit into the business of the hiring firm You can offer something extra – you language or cultural background

10 Applying On-Line Where to go: Dedicate enough time – don’t complete in a rush Proof read everything –grammar Type answers in Word Always do your Spell Check before sending Complete all fields of application – may rule yourself out Attention to detail Be patient, give people time to respond

11 Job Hunting Tips Job-Hunting could be Lengthy process (150-300) Extremely competitive in graduate market Get foot in the door, can’t be too fussy Target companies – voluntary work experience Your first job is not going to be your dream job Need to start somewhere to do interns Every bit of experience helps Internship can lead you to the dream jobs

12 Interview Tips Take all document required at interviews e.g.: copy of resume, academic transcript Don’t turn up too early (you can become very nervous) Behavioral interviewing technique (Plenty Info. On net) Past behavior predicts future behavior, eg:”Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer? What did you do and what was the result? Be forthcoming about yourself and other information Presentation skills are vital. Suit & tie. Clean shaven, minimal jewellery. 1 st impression really do count!

13 Who are our clients at Chinalink? Benefiting from our comprehensive services, our main clients are usually in the following categories: Local Australian employers that want to further develop growing overseas market both in local community and overseas. Local employers with Chinese background that are going to expand business into other communities or main channels beyond communities. Chinese firms and academic institutions looking for English speaking professionals and teachers YOU!

14 What do they need in China? English Teachers is badly needed in China Professional teachers are needed to teach business and IT subjects Survey of June 2004 shows that the following Skills in Demand: * Senior Media and Publication Professionals * Production Managers and Financial Controllers * Purchasing Officers * Bio-Chemical Engineer * Logistic Manager

15 Work in Australia? How about visa ? Business Long Stay visa, unlimited stay with full work right This visa Subclass is generally available for persons interested in working in Australia for unlimited time.  For a Subclass 457 visa application there are generally three steps involved in employing a person from overseas to work in Australia.  Businesses operating in Australia can sponsor overseas people to live and work in Australia.  Overseas student, Graduate or current, are all eligible for applying work visa.

16 Continued Pathway to PR: ENS The Employer Nomination Scheme has been developed for Australian employers to recruit permanent, highly- skilled staff from overseas (or temporary residents currently in Australia), when they have been unable to fill a vacancy from within the Australian Labour market or through their own training programs.  The ENS process has two stages: 1. nomination by an employer; and 2. the nominee's application for a visa Australian businesses need experienced employees from overseas

17 Useful Websites --- making people successful in a changing world. The 28,000 employees of Adecco Group, with 5,800 offices in 70 territories, harness state-of-the- art technology and the broadest range of Staffing, Human Resources and Business services available, to help make hundreds of thousands of Clients and around four million Temporary Associates successful each year

18 Contined At Manpower, people are our business. Working hard to be the best worldwide provider of staffing services to our 400,000 customers, we strive to be the benchmark in providing quality employment opportunities to more than 2 million people per year. How can we help you today?

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