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Ask an Imam Questions about Islam. Where do Islamic teachings come from?  All Islamic teaching comes from only two sources:  Qur’an – God’s word  Hadith.

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1 Ask an Imam Questions about Islam

2 Where do Islamic teachings come from?  All Islamic teaching comes from only two sources:  Qur’an – God’s word  Hadith – sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (the living application of the Qur’an)

3 How should Muslims deal with stress?  As early as 800 years ago, Muslim psychologists  Diagnosed stress as being too far away from God  Prescribed  Prayer  Fasting  Aromatherapy  Reading  Reflection  Self-denial

4 What does it take to convert to Islam?  All the person has to do is recite a two-line statement of faith called the Testimony of Faith in front of two witness.  All sins are then forgiven and the person has a fresh start

5 Why does Islam forbid realistic representation of people or animals?  Mohammad said that on the Day of Judgment God will command people to put life in what they fashioned.  Exceptions are made for children’s toys and art

6 How does Islam define childhood?  Any age before puberty.  Children are not accountable for their bad deeds  Childhood is a time for teaching the skills of living a virtuous life so they will be ready to be held accountable after the age of 12 or 13.

7 How do Muslims view euthanasia?  It is equated with murder and suicide.  However, if someone is in a vegetative state feeding tubes can be removed because Islam feels that the record of deeds stops when our mind stops functioning.

8 How does a Muslim view death?  It is not final  It is a passing into another stage of life.  Muslims do not feel the lost person is gone forever.

9 How do Muslim feel about hell?  Everyone has to see hell in order to realize the promise of God is true and that He meant business when he outlined the consequences of leading an evil life.

10 Diagram of Judgment day Judgment Day World ended. Dead are raised. Everyone is sorted by beliefs. Deeds are weighed. Mercy is bestowed. Final verdict is given Hell Fire Drop into the pit and land in one of seven levels of punishment Some may be released, others will stay in the fire forever. Heaven Enter the gates and recite what you know of your Prophet’s revelation. You will move upward to one of seven levels and find your home there. Rewards and pleasure are yours for eternity. The Bridge Righteous people will fly over it. Others will be cut by the razor edges as punishment for evil. Some will be snagged and will fall in Hell The Heights For people who are too good to go to Hell but not ready for entry to Heaven a fixed term must be served Outlined with sharp razor edges

11 How do Muslims feel about science?  Muslims are supposed to look into the natural world for proofs of God’s existence. Evidence of His creative genius, says the Qur’an, is found in every aspect of our environment  Science strengthens a Muslim’s faith and there has been no conflict between science and religion in Muslim history.

12 Do Muslims believe aliens exist?  They can if they choose.  The Qur’an contains two verses in which they are told that every creature in the heavens and on the earth praises God.

13 How do Muslims feel about the Bible, Torah, and books deemed holy by other religions?  Muslims must respect the Holy Books of others and is forbidden to desecrate them or insult them.

14 Was woman created from the rib of a man?  The Qur’an is silent on this, but a saying of the Prophet Muhammad relates  Treat women nicely, for a woman is created from a rib, and the most curved portion of the rib is its upper portion. If you should try to straighten it it will break, but if you leave it as it is, it will remain ben. So treat women nicely. (Hadith)

15 Why do Muslims believe women go through pain in childbirth?  Islam does not consider the pain of childbirth a punishment for Eve getting Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.  Islam sees labor pains as a kind of noble suffering on the part of a woman for the sake of her children.  Because of the pain she endures during delivery, a woman has some of her sins forgiven.

16 Why do Muslims congregate to worship on Friday?  Muhammad explained that God ordained Friday to be the day of gathering to show the precedence of Islam over Judaism and Christianity whose followers meet on Saturday and Sunday.

17 Why are men the only ones who can make the call to prayer (azan or adhan)?  Men have stronger, louder voices.  The sound of a woman’s voice calling through the streets may tempt some men to fantasize about her  Islam believes in protecting the modesty and dignity of women.

18 Can daily prayers ever be combined to fit busy schedules?  Yes  Travelers, pregnant women and nursing women can combine the two afternoon prayers at either time  These people can also combine the evening prayers so there is no hardship on such busy people.

19 Why are Islamic prayers said only in Arabic?  So all Muslims can be unified in their language of worship.  Similar to the way Catholics used to hold mass in Latin  Supplications, requests of God, can be made in any language.

20 Can a person intentionally go into debt to avoid paying zakat?  Zakat is money that is given primarily to the poor, the needy, destitute new Muslims, people drowning in debt, needy travelers, refugee relief foundations, widows, orphans, poor relatives, and causes for freeing slaves. Money should be given first to those in the community.  Islam teaches that a person’s actions will be judged by his or her intentions. Debtors have to wait outside of Paradise until their obligations are forgiven or paid by someone on Earth.

21 Who fasts during Ramadan?  Every Muslim over the age of puberty who is sane and healthy enough to do it must observe Ramadan.  Those exempt are  The very young  Permanently sick  Elderly who are too weak  Mentally challenged  Women in their menses  Travelers  Women in labor  Woman after childbirth

22 Why do men and women pray together on the Hajj and no other times?  For the sake of practicality. With millions of people to line up, it is impossible to form separate lines.

23 Why is the Ka’bah important?  Muslims believe the Ka’bah exists on two planes at once, both here on Earth and in Paradise.  When Muslims pray anywhere in the world, they face toward the Ka’bah as a symbol of their desire to be obedient to God and to go to Heaven.  It provides a sense of unity among Muslims all over the world.

24 How are Muslims living in non- Muslim societies supposed to act?  They are still bound by Islamic Law to live peacefully with their neighbors so long as no injustice is being done to anyone.

25 How do Muslims feel about people performing miracles?  Muslims believe that God can grant the power to perform miracles to anyone, yet it does not make them into a god.  Muhammad is credited with healing and other such miraculous acts. He always said that his greatest miracle was the Qur’an itself.

26 What did Muhammad think of the Jews during his lifetime?  Muhammad ordered Muslims to be kind to their Jewish neighbors and to share their food with the Jews.

27 What is the Islamic opinion of John the Baptist?  His Islamic name is Yahiya which means “Life”.  The significance is that God created a life in a womb that could bear none.

28 How do Muslims feel about the Virgin of Jesus?  Muslims accept the virgin birth but do not say it is a sign of divinity.  Islam teaches that god created Jesus with a mere command as a miracle for people to ponder.

29 How is the Qur’an supposed to be handled?  Before touching the Qur’an, a Muslim must make sure that he or she is in a ritually pure state.  They must wash their hands, face, and fet with water.  There is NO prohibition against women reading and handling the Holy Book.

30 Can women be Islamic scholars?  Yes. Throughout history many famous women have been revered for their learning.

31 How quickly should someone be buried after they die?  Within three days – the quicker the better.

32 How do Muslims feel about the Taliban?  They are not politically legitimate in the Muslim World.

33 How does Islamic Law address a woman who is secretly taking money from her husband?  It is okay if she feels her husband is not providing enough financial resources for her to use on the family. She is only taking what is rightfully hers.

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