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UTILITIES Project Update for the City of St. Augustine Beach Community Sewer System Installation 1 October 21, 2009.

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1 UTILITIES Project Update for the City of St. Augustine Beach Community Sewer System Installation 1 October 21, 2009

2 UTILITIES Introduction Welcome Project Description Construction Expectations Fees and Costs Information needed from residents –Provide contact information on sign-in sheet –Private underground utility locations –Verification of proposed sewer lateral location 2

3 UTILITIES Introduction Representatives –City of St. Augustine Beach Marc Chattin, Public Works Director Max Royle, City Manager –St. Johns County Utility Department Mickhael Sulayman, PE, Chief Engineer Aaron Zambo, PE, Project Manager –Engineer: CDM Cecile Toupiol, PE, Project Manager Lindsey Riemenschneider, EI, Task Manager 3

4 UTILITIES Improved Environmental and Public Health High density development High groundwater table and floods –Poorly drained soils with seasonal high groundwater levels –Low lying areas Aging septic tanks –Water table separation –Undersized relative to current code Impacts to water bodies –Environmental quality degradation of the Matanzas River Basin –Approved shellfish harvesting areas decreased 4

5 UTILITIES Project Description There are over 700 homes currently utilizing septic systems for wastewater treatment in St. Augustine Beach that are included in this project and will be served by a gravity sewer system Homeowner connection to sewer system is recommended but is NOT mandatory until septic tank failure 5

6 UTILITIES Project Status Public Meetings were held in April 2009 to discuss project with neighborhoods Design completed at 100% in April 2009 Design received Loan and Stimulus (SRF & ARRA) funding in June 2009 Project went to Bid in July 2009 Bid opening was held in August 2009 In September 2009, 5 different contractors were selected to construct 7 projects Construction to start in Oct-Nov 2009 6

7 UTILITIES Anticipated Construction Schedule Anticipated construction schedule is subject to change based on site conditions and weather 7

8 UTILITIES Working Hours Typical hours of operation for construction activities –Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm: Regular Construction –Friday from 7 am to 12 pm: Regular Construction –Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm: Clean-up and Restoration only –If necessary, after hours for specific locations with prior approval and resident notification 8

9 UTILITIES Minimal Disruption and Impact Construction shall be conducted in a way to minimize impact on the residents Contractors will use the County/City dust control and noise attenuation standard including: –Equipment will have silencers or mufflers to operate with the least possible noise –Water sprinkling, temporary enclosures and other suitable methods will limit amount of dust and dirt 9

10 UTILITIES Safety and Supervision Safety is the main priority and construction areas will always be covered and off limits during non-working hours On-site supervision to ensure safety will include: –Resident Project Representative –Full-time Construction Foreman –Frequent visits from SJCUD Representative 10

11 UTILITIES Typical Residential Connection Setup 11

12 UTILITIES Protection of Private Property The work will be in the public Right-of-Way –SJCUD construction ends at the cleanout/property line –Construction will not necessarily extend across the entire ROW Protection of private property –Contractor will not enter or occupy private land outside of easements without permission –Mailboxes will be temporarily re-located if needed Notification will be provided to residents if any planned disruption in utility service 12

13 UTILITIES Restoration and Access All disturbed pavement and driveways will be restored on a regular basis –Testing, backfill, and re-pavement will be required every 1,000 linear feet. –It is anticipated that asphalt or driveways will never be left unpaved for more than 30 days Residents will be able to access homes every night 13

14 UTILITIES Maintenance of Traffic Contractor will follow Maintenance of Traffic plans to re-route traffic and pedestrians as necessary –Contractor will contact emergency services and police department every Monday –Emergency vehicles will always have access 14

15 UTILITIES Project Completion At the end of construction, the Contractor will: –Clean-up the site and dispose of excess material –Restore the site to existing conditions based on pre-construction video Roadway, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, fences 15

16 UTILITIES Residential Responsibilities Residents will be responsible for irrigating any replaced sod or plants after contractor releases it Residents will be responsible for informing SJCUD of any private work completed near Right-of-Way after October 2009 16

17 UTILITIES Abandonment of Septic System Abandonment permitted through local State of Florida Dept. of Health, Environmental Health Division –64E-6.011, F.A.C; Form DH 4015 –Local Contact – John Cochrane 823-2514 x104 –DOH Abandonment Fee is $225 per parallel “Blackwater” system State of Florida licensed Plumbing Contractor or Septic System Contractor can abandon system –Can also perform Voluntary inspection of system to determine operating condition 17

18 UTILITIES Typically, water and sewer infrastructure fees are built into the price of a new home and range from $10,000-$20,000 Homeowner Plumber Installation Cost = $2,500 (approx.) Includes work to connect and abandon septic tank Abandonment Permit (per blackwater system) = $225 Current Sewer Unit Connection Fee = $2,296 (single family dwelling) Current Monthly Fees (Wastewater) = $11.03 (base)+ $3.48 / 1,000 gal (max. 10,000 gal. per dwelling unit) Additional average wastewater bill for COSAB is ~$25 Payment plan is available for Unit Connection Fee ONLY 18 Example Fees for Residents

19 UTILITIES Summary of Example Fees $2,296 Connection Fee $225Abandonment Permit $2,500Plumber’s Estimate $5,021Example Fee Monthly fee = ~$25 19 Example Fees for Residents

20 UTILITIES Program is prescribed in Utility Ordinance Applies only to residential accounts Rate is currently 5% fixed APR Term is 1 to 7 years at property owner’s discretion Charged on utility bill Payment plan is recorded with Clerk of Courts Due on Sale of Residence No pre-payment penalty 20 UCF Payment Plan

21 UTILITIES Project Contacts Minorca and Atlantic Beach For general information during business hours: Aaron Zambo Project Manager, St. Johns County 904-209-2628 For emergencies that occur after business hours please see the emergency contact sheet for your neighborhood 21

22 UTILITIES Any Questions? 22

23 UTILITIES Project Update for the City of St. Augustine Beach Community Sewer System Installation 23 October 21, 2009

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