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Update TOC TSWBAT understand GW’s administration EQ: What were the key accomplishments of Washington’s administration? 12/6Shay’s Rebellion53 12/9AOC Mini-assessment54.

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1 Update TOC TSWBAT understand GW’s administration EQ: What were the key accomplishments of Washington’s administration? 12/6Shay’s Rebellion53 12/9AOC Mini-assessment54 12/9Video Notes55 12/10Constitutional Convention56 12/11Great Compromise Reading Q’s57 12/16Shay’s Political Cartoon/Summary58 12/17Constitution Scavenger Packet59 12/16Fed’s vs. Anti-Fed’s Chart60 12/17BOR Chart 61 12/18Ratification Order/Debate62 1/21New Republic LGS63 1/21New Republic SPC64 1/21GW Administration65

2 2 nd semester goals: 1. Make sure NB is 100% updated at all times, if you are absent check the folder and get caught up!! Many of you chose not to do this. This hurts your NB grade and test grade 2. Increase test/quiz average 3. <3 History

3 The student will be able to understand the accomplishments of GW’s administration including the debt crisis and the Whiskey Rebellion with 80% accuracy Where does this objective fall into our new unit learning goal scale? What is the difference in complexity between levels 2 and 3 for this objective? TOC: Page 65: George Washington’s Administration

4 In 1789, our nation had a new Constitution, a new Congress and their first president. The US was one fourth the size it is today. It is significant to understand Washington’s achievements as president and his cabinet choices.

5 1. Inauguration-a ceremony in which the president take the oath of office 2. Precedent-an example to be followed by others in the future 3. Bond-a certificate issued by a government for an amount of money that the government promises to pay back with interest. (Helped to raise $ for the government) 4. Speculator-people who invest in risky ventures in hopes of making a big profit. 5. Unconstitutional- against what is permitted by the Constitution

6 Washington becomes the first president under the new Constitution in 1789 He ran against John Adams, John Jay and fifteen others Washington wins unanimously, winning all the electoral votes in the 15 states, John Adams became Vice President Interesting Fact (not in the book): This is the first and only time a president has been elected unanimously (earning all the electoral college votes)

7 Washington’s inauguration took place in the nation’s capital, New York City on April 30, 1789. Washington would become a precedent for future presidents to follow When G.W. took office their was few federal government employees G.W. had to fill the offices and his cabinet Congress passed laws to set up 3 departments in the executive branch: treasury, state, and war departments

8 G.W. appointed four well known men to take new offices as department heads. Secretary of State (foreign affairs): Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmond Randolph Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court: John Jay This group became known as the Cabinet Who was absent? Yes John Adams, he was invited but didn’t attend. Some thought he was an arrogant jerk. Some people say the role of vice president was made for him, he had no say and only preceded over the Senate. He was VP for 8 years.

9 The revolutionary war had left the nation in huge dept, some 82 million The debt was mostly in the form of bonds, money the US owed to citizens The original bonds were sold for more than they were worth by speculators Didn’t even have enough money to move the president from Mount Vernon to New York

10 Work in your group to determine the political message of the cartoon. It is a 2006 depiction of the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion. Look for words, symbols, expressions. EQ: How did GW handle the Whiskey Rebellion? TSWBAT evaluate GW’s response to the rebellion.

11 The student will be able to evaluate how GW responded to the rebellion and why with 80% accuracy Where does this fit into our LGS? How do we reach mastery?

12 A.H. was responsible for developing a plan to get the nation out of debt. (Let’s talk about his past first!) His plan had three parts: 1. The US government would agree to pay all federal and state debts 2. The US government would charter a national bank for depositing government funds 3. The government would impose a high tax on goods imported into the country Many Southerners opposed the plan to repay state debts. Several southern states had paid off their wartime debts on their own Congress debated the issue for 6 months, finally an agreement was made. Southerners would support Hamilton’s plan to have state’s repay. But, in return the government would build the nation’s capital in the South between Virginia and Maryland  DC He believed it would generate revenue and wanted to mimic it after the Bank of England (he was an anglophile…<3 England) He believed it would be a safe place to deposit funds and the bank would issue paper money High tax on imported goods, it would raise money for the Federal Government. Only part of A.H. plan Congress wouldn’t pass…. The southern states don’t like tariffs

13 Some, like Thomas Jefferson argued against the bank, believing that the law establishing the bank was unconstitutional Jefferson and Madison argued that no where in the constitution was there a condition allowing Congress to set up a national bank, they said the bank was unconstitutional Jefferson’s view was a strict one of the Constitution, or only permits what the Constitution says word-for-word Hamilton argued for a loose interpretation of the Constitution. He said Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution gave Congress the power to make all laws “Necessary and proper.” A national bank will stimulate the economy and create Credit!

14 In 1791, Congress did pass a law establishing the bank, and Hamilton sways G.W. to sign it (?) The Bank of the US gets a 20 year charter Began with a charter of 10 million in stock (2 million from the Fed. Gov, 8 million from private investors) The bank does create revenue, just not enough to cover the war debt.

15 Plan didn’t generate enough money, so Hamilton proposed a 25% manufacturing tax on whiskey. This was an indirect tax, so everyone paid it Congress passed and imposed a tax on all whiskey made and sold in the US Whiskey was called the Patriotic Drink Farmers growing wheat and corn in Pennsylvania are furious and couldn’t pay the tax Hamilton’s tax would cause a revolt that tested the strength of the new national government

16 Many farmers compared the whiskey tax to the hated taxes the English imposed before the Revolution Many farmers organized protest and refused to pay the tax Protestors in western Pennsylvania in 1794 burned the house of a tax collector and rebelled, this became known as the Whiskey Rebellion G.W. sent 13,000 troops to PN, but they all disbanded before they arrived. It didn’t take much, they new G.W. was on his way. Rut roo! The rebellion did however test the power of the new Fed. Gov’t. G.W. actions proved no armed rebellions would be tolerated.

17 In your notebook, complete a circle map for your summary to help define G.W. and his first administration. Your topic goes in the center circle, ideas go on the outside Became 1 st president in 1789 G.W. Complete Progress Chart for Objective A and B Source

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