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Famous Rocks.

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1 Famous Rocks

2 Wave Rock Wave Rock is located in Western Australia 340 km north of Perth. Wave Rock is also called Hyden Rock. Wave Rock is 15 meters high & 110 meters long. Wave Rocks wave like shape was caused by weathering & water erosion. Wave Rock is made from Granite. Wave Rock was formed 60 million years ago. Wave Rock was formed before the age of dinosaurs.

3 Glasshouse Mountains Glasshouse Mountains are located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The Mountains is a group of eleven hills, the highest of them is Beerwah, which is 556 meters above sea level. The Mountains are eroded remnants of volcanoes, they were formed from molten rock which turned into hard rock called trachyte and rhyolite. The Mountains are approx million years old. They were named by Captain James Cook in May 1770.

4 James Bond Island James Bond Island also known as Ko Khao Phing Kan is located in Phuket in Thailand. It consists of two forest-covered islands with steep shores. The Islands are made from Limestone. Ko Khao Phing Kan was named James Bond Island in 1974 after it featured in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Its western part is about 130 metres in diameter & the eastern part is about 240 metres long & 140 metres wide. Ko Khao Phing Kan means "Hills leaning against each other" in Thai.

5 Easter Island Statues Easter Island Statues also known as Moai are located in Chile. The Statues were created between the years They were carved by professional carvers or members of each clan. Almost all of the Statues have overly large heads, they are the living faces of godly ancestors. Of the 887 Statues the tallest named Paro was almost 10 meters high & weighed 82 tons. All but 53 of the 887 Moai were carved from tuff which is compressed volcanic ash, the rest were carved from basalt, trachyte & red scoria.

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