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CSE9020 Wk04 / 1 CSE9020 CASE STUDY Week 4 Notices –The final Friday in Week 13 is the 4th June 2004 Questions –Unit Administration - Supervisor’s Roles.

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1 CSE9020 Wk04 / 1 CSE9020 CASE STUDY Week 4 Notices –The final Friday in Week 13 is the 4th June 2004 Questions –Unit Administration - Supervisor’s Roles Project Plan and Reporting Sample Data The Business Case is due this week

2 CSE9020 Wk04 / 2 CSE9020 Week 4 This week we are going to look (briefly) at –Documents and Standards and –Some Aspects of Quality

3 CSE9020 Wk04 / 3 CSE9020 Week 4 The Documents you are going to produce are – 1. The Business Case Justification (week 4) – 2. The Methodology and Quality Planning Document (week 6) – 3. Standards to be used in the Preparation of the User Manual (week 7) – 4. The Testing Strategy (week 8) – 5. The Outline of the Acceptance Test Specification (week 10) – 6. The User Manual (week 13)

4 CSE9020 Wk04 / 4 CSE9020 Week 4 This means (a) you will need to be clear as to the content of each of these documents (b) your reports will need to be informative but precise and concise (short but meaningful) (c) team members will probably be deployed to write parts of the reports (d) the quality reviewer will need to ensure conformity of style and content

5 CSE9020 Wk04 / 5 CSE9020 Week 4 (e) each member of the team must be aware of the content of the complete document (perhaps a ‘final reading’ session) (f) the final total document must be quality assessed, amended if necessary, and then certified as being the final and complete version

6 CSE9020 Wk04 / 6 CSE9020 Week 4 General Requirements for Documents 1. Each Document presented is to have –The Name of the Deliverable –The Group Number –The Group Members’ Names –The Group Members’ I.D. Numbers –The Unit Code and Name –The Supervisor’s Name –The Due Date –A Table of Contents –A Short Synopsis (Executive Summary)

7 CSE9020 Wk04 / 7 CSE9020 Week 4 General Requirements for Documents 2. The documents are to be produced using Word 3. Spell checking is to be used 4. Section numbering is to be used 5. If paragraphing numbering is required, the particular document standard is to be applied. Paragraph numbering is required for all documents which act as source documents for further development (e.g. the Testing Strategy and Acceptance Test Specifications)

8 CSE9020 Wk04 / 8 CSE9020 Week 4 6. Each submitted document is to have the Quality Reviewer’s certificate included 7. Each submitted document is to be accompanied by a Certificate which indicates the contribution of each member to the document’s content and style 8. The Certificate is to be signed by each member indicating acceptance of time, effort and skill contributions of the other members A copy of the Certificate is available from the web page

9 CSE9020 Wk04 / 9 CSE9020 Week 4 Project Objectives are to be identified Project Scope is to be identified Project Responsibilities are to be identified (these may alter later as the project progresses and emphases change) Project Risks are to be identified and a brief description of management of the risk included Task Effort Estimates - at his stage these can only be rough assumptions, which will be further refined as the project progresses.

10 CSE9020 Wk04 / 10 CSE9020 Week 4 Task Effort Estimates (con’t); A spreadsheet is the preferred approach - Microsoft Project would seem to be not necessary (and it is not a project requirement for you to rush off and develop skills in this software) Activities must be assigned to each team member. Later activities will probably have more than 1 member assigned to a task or tasks The base unit of the ‘cost’ or ‘load’ is the person hour

11 CSE9020 Wk04 / 11 CSE9020 Week 4 As a guide, each phase of the project should consume a maximum 25% of the total effort No phase should be less than 10% of the total effort Quality effort should be in the range of 5% to 15% of the total project effort. You should read the Quality Requirements Statement in the handout. Progress onto the Quality Forms which will then form the basis of the development of the Quality Index

12 CSE9020 Wk04 / 12 CSE9020 Week 4 Standards These are outlined in the handout papers from Week 1. They are to be followed, and need to be associated with each particular Document. Where the standards are directed at the form of a document, don’t go overboard. The main objective should be to adhere to the standard to produce a valuable, quality document which meets the requirements. You are not in the business of producing TV type products

13 CSE9020 Wk04 / 13 CSE9020 Week 4 Presentation of Documents: Binding: Documents of 10 pages or less can be stapled once, top left corner. Larger documents should be bound either with a spiral binder or submitted in a two-ring A4 folder. Plastic envelopes or documents wallets are not satisfactory Printing: There is no extra benefit in using colour printing. Variation of font and print style can be used at your discretion.

14 CSE9020 Wk04 / 14 QUALITY Some definitions

15 CSE9020 Wk04 / 15 Quality The Standards associations (and hence the United Nations) has agreed that: Quality is Fitness for purpose

16 CSE9020 Wk04 / 16 Quality Control The operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfil the requirements for quality What the testers do to check that the quality is OK Fathers play with their children’s toys Aunts taste one chocolate before handing the box around …..

17 CSE9020 Wk04 / 17 Quality Assurance All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality confidence is about reliability A quality product is about consistency, hence ‘planned and systematic actions’

18 CSE9020 Wk04 / 18 Quality System If we are going to have quality assurance, we need A SYSTEM To make everything work together - the testing equipment -the testers -the reporting of test results -the corrective measures -agreement about corrective measures -agreement about the overall objectives

19 CSE9020 Wk04 / 19 Quality Manual The Quality manual is the document that describes the attitudes of an organisation to quality practices within the organisation

20 CSE9020 Wk04 / 20 The Quality Plan

21 CSE9020 Wk04 / 21 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan Q.What is it ? A.It is the policy and procedures required for control of projects It needs a set of development standards and procedures and clear definition of the deliverable (s) from the stages used in the development Quality is the ability of a product to meet (or to exceed) the agreed/defined user specifications It MUST be an integral part of the product - NOT an add-on

22 CSE9020 Wk04 / 22 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan This is another way of saying that quality is built into the produce from its initialisation - not as an afterthought A well developed, and enforced, quality plan will focus on the scope of work to be done the deliverables the standards and their use the system environment the various reviews, their outcomes and the effect on the development (extra effort, change of direction..) sign offs required change management (= management of change)

23 CSE9020 Wk04 / 23 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan Quality is associated and directed at: - Content - Continuity - Accuracy - Presentation - Cohesiveness - Problem Solution

24 CSE9020 Wk04 / 24 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan You should include some comments about your team’s attitude, strategy, acceptance and recognition of a Quality Plan. How are you going to apply the Quality Plan ? Here are a few suggestions:- A clear, agreed work breakdown No moonlighting or ‘all my own work’ approach Size each task so that it can be understood, assigned, and monitored Make sure each task has a deliverable, and that the deliverable matches the requirement

25 CSE9020 Wk04 / 25 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan Inspect (and correct where necessary) each deliverable Have walkthroughs - a ‘state of the project’ review Have deliverable test plans - any major points omitted, any errors, any non-alignment with other deliverables ? Listen carefully to your Quality Reviewer - reach agreement by consensus - don’t ‘hang out’.

26 CSE9020 Wk04 / 26 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan Quality Plan Standards identify the policies and procedures to be adopted and followed by the team. (they may be slightly different from other teams) The Quality Plan probably includes –An Interviewing Standard –Standards for Meetings –User Manual –Testing –Reviews –Project Methodology

27 CSE9020 Wk04 / 27 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan And equally importantly - There must be some tangible way which ‘proves’ that each standard has been employed The development of the method must be correctly managed Some random thoughts: The team coordinator should produce a statement outlining the need for for both a quality plan, and for its implementation. Each team member should be aware of the responsibility placed on them (and others) and accept and follow all standards. If you are in doubt, ask the Team Co-Ordinator

28 CSE9020 Wk04 / 28 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan What aspects need standards ? How’s this for starters - –Project Management –Development Development –Testing

29 CSE9020 Wk04 / 29 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan Quality System : format, structure, procedures, standards Documentation Control : Adherence to the standards Internal Reviews and checks : Detect nonconformity early ? Change standards, procedures Accurate and rapid access to these standards - each team member to have a copy (diskette, CD-Rom - CD Reader ?) Any problems with sending standards via email ? Acknowledgement of receipt ?

30 CSE9020 Wk04 / 30 Quality Plan CSE9020 Week 2 Quality Plan And finally ----- Have you identified the RISKS in your project ? What are they ? Have you prioritised them ? What’s your Plan B if Plan A shows some cracks ?

31 CSE9020 Wk04 / 31

32 CSE9020 Wk04 / 32 A Reminder The Methodology and Quality Planning Document is due in Week 6 and The Standards for the User Manual Document is due in Week 7

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