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Assuring quality at La Trobe AUQA – WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU?

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1 Assuring quality at La Trobe AUQA – WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU?

2 AUQA and Quality Assuring quality at LTU is not just for AUQA – it is an important way of maintaining our good reputation The new national agency, TEQSA, will build on the work of AUQA, so audits will continue into the future

3 LTU Quality Management Framework The LTU Quality Management Framework is based on the Planning – Implementation – Results – Improvement (PIRI) cycle and focuses on Continuous Quality Improvement

4 Continuous Quality Improvement Planning Implementation Results - Outcomes, Monitoring and Evaluation Improvement – Response and Communication

5 University purpose and values Planning Implementation Outcomes Monitoring & Evaluation Response Communication External environmen t Stakeholder expectations

6 Continuous Quality Improvement Framework The framework may be found on the quality website at: ads/2009-02-13-quality-improvement- framework.pdf



9 AUQA visit Audit visit 21-24 September AUQA will interview about 300 members of the LTU community – staff, students, external community members

10 What do you need to do? Read the portfolio – it is framed around the Planning-Implementation–Results-Improvement cycle performance-portfolio.html performance-portfolio.html Reflect on your personal role in quality assurance and improvement. This includes: –Assuring quality in your sphere of influence – Dean, HOS, course/subject co-ordinator, student administration etc –Policy compliance

11 Some tidbits from the portfolio

12 Did you know Our international students are relatively happy with the quality of teaching and learning support, but think we could improve our careers advice and access to work experience Between 2005 and 2008 we closed 28 TNE programs and currently have 25 in operation Between 2007 and 2008 our international onshore HDR enrolments increased by 40%, with FSTE and FLM making large gains

13 PREQ Outcomes by Faculty

14 Average Completion Time for PhD

15 Higher Degree Research Completions

16 Share of Total Research Income

17 Share of Total Weighted Publications

18 Quality is… (True or False) a)Something that Julie will take care of b)Not my concern – I’m here to teach/research c)An imposition by the Federal Government d)Something our students and other stakeholders deserve e)My individual responsibility as a teacher researcher and/or administrator

19 Thank You

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