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RESEARCH DIVISION: AN OVERVIEW Lyn McBriarty Director, Research Services 12 February 2014.

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1 RESEARCH DIVISION: AN OVERVIEW Lyn McBriarty Director, Research Services 12 February 2014

2 At a glance - Research @ UoN Our track record: Most research intensive University outside an Australian capital city Ranked equal seventh on number of ERA 5s in the last ERA round Ranked ninth in Australia for externally funded research Annual external research income was $92.4 million in 2012 Research Block Funding is $33.8 million for 2014 2

3 Research Management Diversity of research effort = diversity of administrative requirements Research is a complex and sometimes potentially hazardous activity - regulations Depending on the nature of the project this can involve: research development activities ethics and safety clearances; reporting to granting bodies and government collections; publications; intellectual property grant applications RHD supervision and scholarships research equipment policies and codes of conduct Research infrastructure Research Division exists to assist with these processes 3

4 4 Director, Research Services Lyn McBriarty Research Integrity Human Ethics Animal Ethics Research Policies Research Code of Conduct Associate Director, Research Development and Innovation Judy Alexander Research Support Unit EM X-Ray ABRF Research Office Funding opportunities Grant applications Post award admin Research contracts Research Data & Systems Research data ERA Research systems and databases Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Nick Talley → Kevin Hall Research Division Associate Director, Research Infrastructure and Facilities Dieter Naf Animal Welfare & Training Research animal facilities Associate Director, Research Strategy, Policy and Performance Steve Hannan Research Development Engaging with industry, business and government Office of Graduate Studies Pro Vice Chancellor (Research) Deb Hodgson Recruitment, Admissions and Scholarships Arianne Galvin Candidature and Thesis Management Karen Kincaid Director, NIER Alan Broadfoot Chief Executive Officer (Acting) Newcastle Innovation Chris Kelleher Dean, Graduate Studies Andrew Abbo

5 Other Support for Research More specialised support for research includes Faculties: Assistant Deans Research and Research Training; and Research and Research Training Officers Library: Faculty Liaison Librarians - discipline- specific research support services including training in the use of subject resources, research impact measurement, advice on data management planning, research skills training and collection development. NOVA – digital repository for research outputs 55

6 Other Support for Research (2) HR Services: staff recruitment and appointment; health, safety and environment. Records Management: retention, storage and destruction of research data IT Services: ARCS (Academic and Research Computing Services) - customised IT solutions Statistical Support Services: advice on statistical methods Institutes: HMRI and NIER Newcastle Innovation: UoN’s commercial arm 6

7 UoN Research Support Schemes 7 UoN offers a range of centrally administered research support schemes to foster and encourage researchers to the point where they can become competitive for external research funding. Faculties also offer research support. Central schemes managed by the Research Strategy Group and the Research Office include: Early Career Researcher Grants New Staff Grants Near Miss Grants Linkage Pilot Research Grants Career Enhancement Fellowships for Women (currently under review) Equity Research Fellowships (currently under review) DVC International Visitor Support Emerging Research Leaders Program Awards for Research Excellence 7

8 Research Development and Research Office and innovation/resources/grants/about-us innovation/resources/grants/about-us engage with local industry, business and government sourcing and promoting grant opportunities liaising with granting bodies advice on and review of research grant applications submission of grant applications review and negotiation of research contracts; authority to sign grant establishment post award activities 8

9 Research Integrity Unit innovation/resources/policies-procedures-and-codes/overview Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research Human research ethics and animal research ethics – Codes, Statements and Guidelines Policies and Procedures, including:  IP  Authorship  Data and materials  Misconduct  Safety and risk management 9

10 Research Performance Data Research Division has extensive research performance data sets. Many are available through the university’s internal web site: MIS Portal - Research Performance and Systems Unit - and-innovation/resources/research-performance-and-systems-unit/about-us and-innovation/resources/research-performance-and-systems-unit/about-us NB – note the instructions for use before proceeding to Spotfire. This data also feeds into the Researcher Profiles: profiles/overview profiles/overview Data in UoN research systems will auto populate your web profile via the Research Portfolio Manager. You can add your pre UoN grants and publications into the system to provide a more comprehensive profile. You can also include a statement about your research. Contact the data team: Steve Hannan 492 15747 10

11 More on Research Performance Data Responsible for University submission to HERDC and ERA: HERDC Annual Research Income and Publications return (RHD data in student return) – impact on research block funding allocations Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA): 18 ratings at the highest level 5 'well above world standard' in the four digit filed of research classifications and an additional 3 ratings of "5" at the broader two digit field of research level. Assessed in 49 four digit fields of research with 90% of our codes being rated at world standard ("3") or above. 11

12 Scientific Support Services Animal Services services/about-us Central Scientific Services services/about-us  Analytical and Biomolecular Research Facility (ABRF) o Analytical Mass Spectrometry o Biological Mass Spectrometry o Flow Cytrometry o Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  Electron Microscope and X-Ray Facility (EMX) o Transmission Electronic Microscopy o Scanning Electron Microscopy o X-Ray Diffraction o X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy 12

13 More on Scientific Support Services Research Computing Services computing-services/about-us  Australian Access Federation (AAF) – facilitates effective communication and collaboration with people in higher education and research institutions within Australia and overseas.  Access Grid – collaborative tool which permits geographically distributed groups to interact in real time. Research Technology Catalogue research-catalogue/resource-catalogue 13

14 Contacts and more information Researcher Toolkit innovation/resources/researcher-toolkit/about-the-toolkit Researcher Resources innovation/resources 14

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