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Academic On-boarding -in 5 easy steps February 2014.

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1 Academic On-boarding -in 5 easy steps February 2014

2 What is On-boarding? On-boarding –Frequently asked questions What does on-boarding involve? Is it different to induction? Who is accountable for on-boarding? Is on-boarding different for academic and professional staff ? Where do I access all of the materials I need for on-boarding? “On boarding is the process of performing all of the organizational actions that support new staff transition into their new work environment”. A Guide for Supervisors: Making a Great First Impression Staff Intranet/HR/ Managers/Recruitment & Selection/Induction/Guide 2

3 What is the intent of On-boarding ? Intent: To ensure Employees are fully integrated within the University of Melbourne seamlessly and efficiently. What is different about Academic On-boarding in 2014? Nothing. All of the content within the Academic on-boarding remains the same, however the tools have been collated in one location to make it easier to navigate on-boarding What does successful Academic On- boarding look like? A new employee is able to achieve research and/or teaching outputs at the same significant level they were achieving immediately prior to relocating to the University of Melbourne. 3

4 Why Is On-boarding SO important? On-boarding is always important but in 2014 there are specific reasons why we need to focus on it more: There is a large cohort of senior academics commencing in 2014 through R@MAP, from international locations, who need to adapt to their new working environment quickly The more efficient the integration of a new hire the sooner the benefits of the appointment are realized. The sooner the integration of the new appointee the greater the chance they will stay (zero turnover) The University of Melbourne is currently in a climate of change given the “Business Improvement” Agenda (BIP) hence it is critical that new appointees are transitioned efficiently into their roles and not impacted by this change 4

5 Accountability Who is accountable for On-boarding new hires? The Direct Manager Accountable means ensuring the on-boarding happens in a timely and quality manner using all resources and stakeholders available. It does NOT mean delivering all elements of on-boarding. 5

6 On-boarding- what is included! There are many components to a good on-boarding program. Here are the types of sessions and actions we recommend are included in Academic On-boarding: Academic Orientation * New staff Orientation Assign a Buddy Faculty/Department Induction Activities Faculty welcome event A specific On- boarding plan tailored to the needs of the new appointee Area OH&S walk Induction Compliance checklist Campus Tour Day 1 events Stakeholder Meet n Greet Online training Probationary review Links to regular key meetings Library Induction Awareness to the “Joining Melbourne” web page 6 *New Staff Orientation includes different content than the Academic Orientation. For all employees new to the University of Melbourne and /or Melbourne this 1 day session provides a comprehensive overview. Please review training content for appropriateness for any new appointee before registering.

7 Key principles of On-boarding Customize content to meet the needs of the new appointee Given all new academics will have slightly different on-boarding needs it is important to use the on-boarding material as a guide and modify or add content as required. All on boarding information is easily accessible, so that the new appointee and their manager are well informed as to what is available and they can readily book into sessions or source information that is required. All on boarding information and sessions are actioned as soon as possible for the new appointee, to ensure the new appointee is quickly assimilated into their new work environment. 7

8 5 Easy Steps to On-boarding….. Step 1: Complete Pre Day 1 Actions -Pre-Day 1 checklist Step 2: Select and assign a “Buddy”. -Selecting a new hire “Buddy” Step 3: Successfully execute Day 1 - Day 1 checklist -Sample Day 1 Agenda Step 4: Successfully Execute On-boarding plan -Sample On-boarding Plan -Induction Compliance Checklist Step 5: Review success of On-boarding with new appointee -Final On-boarding Review Checklist 8

9 On-boarding Resources 1.Pre day 1 checklist 2.Making a Great First Impression-A guide for Supervisors 3.Day 1 checklist 4.Sample Day 1 Agenda 5.Sample On-boarding Plan 6.Week 1 Checklist 7.Final On-boarding Review Checklist 8.Induction Compliance Checklist 9.Selecting a new hire “Buddy” 9

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