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1 NewSouth HR Reporting Running the Leave Accruals Report.

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1 1 NewSouth HR Reporting Running the Leave Accruals Report

2 2 Select New South HR by a left mouse click once on NewSouth HR icon

3 3 Select Inquires and Reporting

4 4 Select Reporting

5 5 Select Leave

6 6 Select Leave Accruals.

7 7 Name the run control e.g. leave_accruals A Run Control ID is an ‘identifier’ or ‘title’ you give to a specific report that allows you to use the same parameters in the future. Alternatively, you may choose to use the same Run Control ID for every report (e.g. your initials) and redefine all parameters every time a report is run. Enter the details and Click.

8 8 Define the parameters of the Leave Accruals Report to report the required leave details.

9 9 Company: the Company will always be UNS. Click.

10 10 Department: Define the Department by typing in the department code or opening the dropdown list next to the Department field.

11 11 If you are unsure of the Department code, search for it by typing the name of the department which is case sensitive in the description field and click A list of departments will be returned. Highlight the appropriate department and click

12 12 Plan Type: leave this field blank for all Plan Types or Click to access the dropdown list and select the appropriate Plan Type. Click.

13 13 ID: Leave the field blank to list all employees. To run the report for one employee only enter their Employee ID in this field.

14 14 Click the run icon to run the report with the parameters defined. The first time you run the report you are required to select a Server.

15 15 Select the ‘PSUNIX’ server and click to run the report.

16 16 Take note of the Process Instance number. 3000000

17 17 Go to PeopleTools Process Monitor to check the status of the report.

18 18 You may need to click the icon to refresh the display on the Process Monitor. When the report status reads “Success” proceed to collect the report from the NSS Report Web page.

19 19 Click on the Citrix session Start button and select

20 20 Select

21 21 Enter the same User name and Password as you used to enter NSS HR and select

22 22 Select “Leave Accruals” from the list of reports matching the date and process instance number noted earlier. Note: The report will not appear on the list of Distributed Reports on the website if the parameters by which the report is run capture no data.

23 23 Scroll down the panel and select the report icon

24 24 Select the print icon to print the report to an NSS networked printer. 3000000Bloggs,Joe

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