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Unlegal Access to Knowledge Onno W. Purbo An Ordinary Indonesian.

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1 Unlegal Access to Knowledge Onno W. Purbo An Ordinary Indonesian

2 You are about to see 12+ years of struggle of Indonesians to work around the boundaries / limit of access to knowledge

3 Onno W. Purbo I am NOT –scholar, researcher, analyst, government, funding agency, economist, politician. I am –Ordinary Indonesian - Jobless, Engineer, Underground, Grassroot, Do-er My Assets –friends & knowledge –BTW, most of my knowledge are copylefted I make a living as writer of IT books & articles mostly Indonesian language.

4 Onno’s Evil Side Do lots of unlegal & subversive teaching activities –How to steal frequency –Build low cost Internet –Build Neighborhood Network –Build own VoIP infrastructure The Indonesian government has all the right to dislike Onno.

5 The Limit to A2K in Indonesia English is NOT Indonesian Language Infrastructure is costly 64Kbps (to Internet) = US$400 / month 2Mbps (2 km) = US$18.000 / month People are poor Typical Mid-class Salary US$80-150 People afford 24hrs Internet at US$20-30 / month. Book / Magazine < US$2 / Book or Magazine Highly Regulated & CORRUPT Environment

6 It would be nice … To See Knowledge Based Indonesian Society

7 Typical Main Stream / Top Down Approach (Supply Side) Benefit to –Investors –Operators –Banks –Gov’t People as –Customer –Payer –User

8 I believe.. Better sustainable A2K environment should also empower people NOT only empower aliens, e.g., government, operators & investors.

9 Recipe To Win A War Power Money Mass The Ordinary People Has NONE

10 Two (2) Barriers To Knowledge Access

11 Self-Finance Infrastructure Build People’s Infrastructure –e.g. 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, (WiFi based) –VoIP (SIP Based). Share access –neighborhood network (US$15-30/house). –School network (US$0.1-0.5/student/month) Our dream –Connect all 220.000+ Schools –Connect all 38+ million Indonesian Students

12 Encourage Knowledge Producers Magazine sells @ US$1-2 –Writer gets US$15-25 / Magazine Article. Book sells @ US$2-4 –Writer gets US$400-1000 / book Workshop / Demo @ US$3-5 / person –Instructor gets US$100-200 / hour BTW, my salary as assistant professor used to be US$70 / month.

13 Self-Financing The Infrastructure Create Demand NOT create supply Generate Knowledge in Local Language Share the Knowledge People Convince on need A2K People Invest Own Money Self-Financing the Infrastructure Did I say no World Bank? No IMF?


15 Purifying The Knowledge A Writer / Author’s Point of View


17 The Key! Capacity Building In local Indonesian Language: –Encourage Knowledge Producers. –Share Knowledge. BTW, forget about transfer technology 

18 Method in Knowledge Sharing Free CD Web Share via External Harddisk Book @ US$2-3 Demo / Workshop @ US$3-5 Hands on experiences

19 Adopt by People & Community School Network in Various Location in Indonesia.

20 Grow Homebrew Industries In various cities of Indonesia, in, –Medan –Bogor –Pontianak –Jogjakarta –Etc.

21 Professional Adoption CGD in Bandung Bonet in Bogor IIX in Jakarta

22 International Recognition Thanks Goes To –IDRC –UNDP APDIP –LIRNEasia –Open Spectrum –Yale –etc.

23 Result International Recognition creates a very strong PRESSURE to BOTH Indonesian government & the rebel forces.

24 January 2005 2.4GHz Liberated!

25 Next Missions Liberate 5.8GHz Liberate 3.3GHz Liberate 10GHz Liberate 24GHz Liberate VoIP Internet Telephony Liberate Neighborhood Network Connect 220.000+ Schools Connect 38+ Million Students Liberate Indonesians to A2K REF:

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