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St Patricks Day By Hannah Comerford.

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1 St Patricks Day By Hannah Comerford

2 Who is St Patrick? Ireland’s national saint. He was born in England.
St Patrick was born over fifteen hundred years ago. He died on the 17th of March in 461 AD. He scared all the sins away from Ireland but people thought that he was scaring away snakes (the word ‘snakes’ and ‘sins’ are similar in Irish language)

3 About St Patrick’s Day St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.
St Patrick’s day is a celebration of the saint converting Irish people to Christianity. Celebrated annually on the 17th of March. Started in Ireland e.g. Dublin, County Down and Down Patrick. As Irish people emigrated to other countries, such as America, Australia and Canada, the tradition of celebrating St Patrick’s day spread worldwide He used a three leafed shamrock to represent the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. SON HOLY SPIRIT FATHER

4 Clothes & Music CLOTHES People wear green a lot. They also wear traditional Irish dancing dresses. MUSIC Irish music is popular. Also popular are Reels, Jigs and traditional dances such as the ‘hard shoe St Patricks day Dance’.

5 Activities In many places they have celebrations which include:
Dancing Parties Singing Food and drinks Rhymes Street parades Limericks Blessings Music

6 Food and Drinks Irish stew Shepard's pie Barm Brack Green beer
Soda bread

7 Decorations Shamrock straw toppers Fancy green hats Green balloons
Three leaved shamrock door hangers Yummy food Flowers Flags Table decorations

8 References Irish Tales And Sagas by Ulick O’Connor Internet sites
Wikipedia St Patrick Google images St Patrick’s Day decorations Hannah rocks!


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