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Activities in the ANU Supercomputer Facility ANUSF

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1 Activities in the ANU Supercomputer Facility ANUSF

2 History ANUSF established 1987 to support large scale computational projects 1990 - established first Visualization Lab in Australia – VizLab 1993 - acquired first large scale mass data storage system in Australian university

3 APAC Since 2001 operated & supported the National Facility of Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing - APAC HP Alphaserver - was 31 st fastest in world when installed. 516 processors +152 proc linux cluster

4 APAC currently out to tender for $12.5M replacement system

5 Mass Data Storage System MDSS STK Powderhorn tape silo 1.2 Petabytes potential capacity, 6000 tapes 70 Mbytes/s tape drives, 200 Gbytes/tape 5 Tbytes fast disk cache SAM-FS hierarchical storage management Connected to APAC systems and GrangeNet Small ‘off-site’ silo being installed in Chancelry

6 Mass Data Storage System Storage for computational results Storage for experimental results, eg. MACHO project GrangeNet and APAC Grid projects eg. PARADESIC, Belle, ACIGA APAC Data Projects of “National Significance” - humanities, social sciences

7 Activities Support of systems Academic Consultants - high- level support to users - algorithm, programming advice, training, data storage Vizlab - help researchers with difficult data visualizations, VR, presentations etc Fujitsu Chemistry project - 15 years

8 ANUSF’s APAC Activities National Facility APAC Grid program - –Internet Futures group, GrangeNet program –Leading national data grid program, involvement in 6 other projects –7 staff in ANUSF led by Markus Buchhorn, other ANU staff contributing APAC CT&T Program –Tools & techniques - national program led by Ben Evans Other ANU involvement APAC EOT Program - Steve Roberts, SMS

9 Further information Levels 3 & 4 Huxley Building

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