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Mezzanine Floor.

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1 Mezzanine Floor

2 Mezzanine Floor Components
Steel square hollow section 250 x 250 C channel bottom plate, 150 x 200 Floor Joists 90 x 600 centres

3 Mezzanine Floor Details:
Special connection: Floor joist bolted and then welded to 250 x 250 hollow section. Floor Joist Connection: Plate inserted and bolted with M20 bolts. Welded to then increase rigidness. Bottom Plate Connection: Cut at a 45* angle, plate inserted and bolted temporarily and welded to complete connection.

4 Detail To Canter lever:

5 Canter lever Components:
Cantilevered section of mezzanine floor is lined with insulation as this will be a very thermal conductive area of the mezzanine building. Outer cladding of building is fixed to C section studs of inner of building; see next slide.

6 Fixing Of Cladding: C section studs are cut to align with top plate of the first floor building and are welded into place. Note all c sections face the same direction. Galvanised steel panels are fixed to the C section studs with metal screws and are sealed with a poly-urethane sealant at the junction of sheets. Insulation is also placed in-between the studs. Plasterboard lines the inside of the studded wall. The steel panel fixing is shown in the external wall frame detailing.

7 Order Of Construction:
1: Fix all steel hollow sections into position and fix at ground level. 2: Fix steel C columns onto steel hollow sections. 3: Fix floor joists to C sections.

8 4: Fix into position studs directly under mezzanine floor
4: Fix into position studs directly under mezzanine floor. (Other studs are fixed into position at stage 3) 5: Fix Galvanised steel panels to each other and studs. Seal the gaps with waterproof ‘mastic’ sealant. 6: Once the mezzanine frame has been assembled, line the inside with tongue and groove floor boards on top of wooden battens 45 x 45. Secret nail and glue to adhere to the timber battens.

9 Demonstrated Application:
Show to the left is a picture taken from the Wool stores building, located in Deakin university, Geelong. Shown is a CAD 3D represented model of the actual application as shown on the left. The represented model shows similar a similar method of cladding with a similar fixing technique as explained earlier. This building can be found along Gheringhap St Geelong. Source:

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