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#Student Volunteering

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1 #Student Volunteering
Beau Brug #Student Volunteering

2 #Brief Intro – who am I My name is Beau Brug
I am studying a double degree – Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Studies – with a Political Science Major and a Diploma of Languages – Chinese I love volunteering and serving the community – great way to make a difference, have fun and improve job prospects! I will tell you at the end a little more about what I’ve been involved in 

3 #Volunteering at/around University
Volunteering has obvious benefits in that it provides an opportunity for students to gain more skills, better their resume and be best prepared for work after study Strategic volunteering is essential what students should look to do throughout their university life How do you volunteer / get involved? *Look, listen and learn -> s -> around campus -> university provides a volunteering portal - Open up the link if possible -

4 #Vconnect – AUU AUU VolunteerConnect (VConnect) is a program to help you link into volunteering opportunities with not-for-profit organisations. Almost three million Australians make a difference in their local community by volunteering with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations. Why you should be involved? Volunteering offers opportunities to gain valuable work experience in a range of different fields. Not only will you be able to network with a variety of industries, you will also have a lot of fun and make plenty of new friends. And with VolunteerConnect, you can print a transcript of your on-campus volunteering history to impress potential employers!

5 #Student Media On Dit
On Dit is more that words on a page. It’s our platform, our community, and our conversation. It’s the only place dedicated to student ideas and campus culture. On Dit is the home of the student voice, and in 2014 we want you to sing. If you have an eye for art, a passion for writing, or just want to get involved, now is the time. On Dit encourages all students to contribute in some way. Go on the website to contribute. Student Radio Student Radio - three nights a week from March to November every year, from Tuesday to Thursday, 11pm to 1am. Hosted by students, for students, Student Radio broadcasts on Radio Adelaide at 101.5FM, via digital radio, or online at It's Australia's longest-running community radio station powered by over 400 volunteers – including University of Adelaide students.

6 #Clubs on Campus Joining a club is the best way to meet new people who share your interests and to make friends on campus. The Union oversees more than 100 clubs representing all kinds of activities and interests – social, political, faculty-based, activity-based – they’re all here. Getting involved and volunteering with the clubs provide skills and enhance your resume whilst having fun and doing something you love, plus you can work your way up and get involved with the leadership of clubs

7 #Club List So many clubs – here are some I picked out that you might like: Humanities & Social Sciences Association Adelaide Entrepreneur Club Adelaide University Chess Club Adelaide University Animal Welfare Club Adelaide University Anime Club Adelaide University AYCC Action Group (climate change) Adelaide University Debating Society Adelaide University Labor Club or Liberal Adelaide University Swing Dancing Club Adelaide University Photography Club Adelaide University Oxfam Club Adelaide University Wine Club Amnesty International Evangelical Students GAMES Club German Car Appreciation Society Martial Arts Society Red Cross Club University of Adelaide Theatre Guild Inc Vgen – Youth Movement of World Vision

8 #AUU Events Team Each year University of Adelaide students have the opportunity to become a part of The Union events team through our volunteering program. The Union delivers more than 50 events a year, across all of the University of Adelaide campuses, ranging from quiz nights to fair trade expos, right through to music and cultural events. The Union also delivers iconic large scale events including O’Week, O’Live and the National Campus Band Competition. Each event provides a variety of opportunities to grow your skills base, improve your professional networks, and build your résumé. Our events are a great way to meet new people and make new friends, as well as experiencing the fun and camaraderie that comes with being a part of a great team. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to capture the attention of The Union Employment Services and demonstrate your value as a potential employee.

9 #Student Politics Much like the senior politics – i.e. in the Federal and State sphere – politicians run in their electorate to help and improve the community or that’s what they are supposed to At university we have student politicians and student elections for various positions such as student media, SRC, NUS and AUU board A week where student politicians try to obtain votes from their friends and random students – that happen to walk by – selling what they can do for you as a student of the University UNFORTUNATELY most students don’t vote but avoid student elections #lazy #runaway #avoidBarrSmithLawns

10 #SRC – Student Rep Council
Do I hear student elections? Student politics? YES The SRC exists to represent students. We do this through loads of events, media, campaigns, meetings and publications. There are SRC Office Bearers who advocate for specific student groups and issues, including Queer Officer, Welfare Officer, Education Officer, Environment Officer etc This year they will also be running a free breakfast bar once a week where you can come and meet other students and SRC members and have a free meal! They hold fortnightly meetings that are open to all students so you can come along and hear the SRC report back on what they have been doing or give some input yourself! The SRC are students elected during student election week to represent the students!  UNFORTUNATELY most students don’t vote but avoid student elections #lazy

11 #AUU Board / Student Media
The AUU – Adelaide University Union is a composed on a board of directors like any company – these directors make decisions in the interests of the students but most importantly the company The Union has funds that it uses to support students You can be a Union member and join the AUU to receive benefits The AUU board and student media directors (ondit & radio) are elected by students in student politics week in semester 2, last year it was unluckily the exact same time as the Federal Elections #everyonesickofvoting

12 #Myexperiences What have I got involved in? Lots – just some examples:
On Campus World Vision (Vgen) - Volunteer with the Adelaide University VGen (World Vision’s Youth arm) Amnesty International - University of Adelaide action group Co-President University of Adelaide Red Cross - General Committee Member of the ‏Club and campaign volunteer Oxfam - University of Adelaide action group volunteer on campus (past communications) Oaktree Foundation - University of Adelaide action group volunteer on campus (past secretary) Local Government /Local Council Salisbury Youth Council – Youth Councillor working on youth-led projects concerning issues that affect citizens in particular young people in the City of Salisbury since late 2012 – attempting to establish City of Adelaide Youth Advisory body currently there is none. Playford Youth Advisory Council - Youth Councillor working on youth-led projects concerning issues that affect citizens in particular young people in the City of Playford from

13 #Myexperiences What have I got involved in? Lots – just some examples:
Extracurricular Green Team – participant of the Encounter Youth ‘Green Team’ that operated the 2013 ‘Schoolies’ Festival at Victor Harbor One Girl Champion – Ambassador/Funds and awareness raising for the One Girl Organization to educate girls in Sierra Leone White Ribbon Ambassador – Ambassador in stopping violence against women since 2013 Red Cross Ambassador - Advocate/encourage young people to donate blood to the Red Cross since 2010 Motivational / Inspirational Speaker – through the Speaker in Schools Program, empowering school students The Inspire Foundation/ - National Youth ambassador advocating about mental health issues for young people Programs I got involved in SA Youth Parliament - Develop bills, advocate and debate issues affecting young people, elected Deputy Premier in 2013, involved since awarded Participant Choice Award in both 2012 and 2013 The Oaktree Foundation - Ambassador for Ending Poverty 2013 (travelled and lobbied Federal and State governments), participant of the Oaktree Generate Program 2013 Causes City to Bay 2012 and will participate 2014 People’s Choice Undies Run - Participant of the 2013 run raising funds and creating awareness of Bowel Cancer Leukaemia Foundation - Participant of the 2012 & 2014 ‘Be Brave and Shave’ raising in excess of $700 World Vision - ‘Forty Hour Famine’ participant from raising upwards of $2,000 Oaktree – Live Below the Line – from

14 My Resume = awesome What decides that you get the job?
Bob got straight high distinctions – you got exactly the same. Bob doesn’t volunteer - you volunteer. Bob hasn’t got the experience that the employer already desires. From your volunteering you got that experience and learn those skills that the job demands. Guess who gets the job…. YOU  PS. Be strategic in your volunteering, use that to compliment you with skills, knowledge and will help to provide opportunities for work experience and a career. However be careful about employers exploiting you and obtaining excessive amounts of volunteering from you rather than paying you as they should.

15 #my volunteering = job Through my volunteering I got employment 
Current role: National Youth Week Young Member for South Australia – so I coordinate NYW across SA working with the Federal and State governments I got this role due to my volunteering in local youth councils

16 #SO #WHAT #NOW Get involved and volunteer
Use VConnect and the Careers Service to find you volunteering opportunities Check out clubs on campus and volunteer within them Build your resume – employment is competitive – volunteering gives you the edge  Volunteer responsibly – don’t overload yourself and do too much  #studycomesfirst

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