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Learning Innovation Leading the Way Valerie Hannon, Innovation Unit, UK.

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1 Learning Innovation Leading the Way Valerie Hannon, Innovation Unit, UK

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4 4 Drivers of innovation in education:

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6 6 Technological change is accelerating.

7 To reach 50,000,000 users, it took… 38 years 13 years 4 years @ 3 years Eric Qualman, Socialnomics, 2009

8 To reach 100,000,000 users, it took Facebook… Eric Qualman, Socialnomics, 2009 9 months







15 “In medical education we’re still a very memory-based curriculum... Watson-like tools will cause us to reconsider what students do.” Dr Herbert Chase Columbia University New York Times Feb 17 2011

16 World Recession Profound long-lasting consequences for all public services Swingeing cuts in services either underway or in prospect The search for ‘more for less’ In many countries, deep problems with public sector borrowing, spending and debt


18 Globalisation, so what? Understanding identity, core values and cultural practices is more important than ever Jobs can be quickly transferred from one side of the world to another Consumers/researchers look across the world for the best Higher order skills are at a premium Integrated world markets (IT & containerisation mean new lower-cost producers in the world market) Education itself is globalising: mobile students, distance/online learning, competition between providers


20 Worldwide demand for learning DEVELOPED WORLDDEVELOPING WORLD



23 Career Paths are changing. 20 TH CENTURY 1-2 jobs, mastery of one field 21 ST CENTURY 10-15 jobs, breadth, depth in several fields




27 A distressed environment… “The dream of wellbeing dreamt until now by a few is not sustainable for all. We have to change. We have to learn how to live better, consuming fewer environmental resources and regenerating the contexts of life.” Ezio Manizini, Politecnico of Milan

28 28 Taken to together, these drivers point to transformation, not just improvement

29 Pedagogy Place Time Partnership

30 30 it’s not either/or it’s both, and….


32 S-Curve: raised goals or different goals? Architecting the future Scaling for growth Operationalizing the results Extracting Efficiencies Closing / Transitioning 1 2 3 4 5 Jumping and Transforming 6

33 The innovator’s (and the evaluator’s) dilemma Adapted from Ready or Not? Taking Innovation in the public sector seriously (NESTA 2007)

34 So what?… ‘school improvement’ is a continuing non- negotiable we can’t know to what degree transformation can be planned – or will disrupt and overtake planning it will entail a range of skills and approaches: social, political, educational In addition to school improvement, we need disciplined radical experimentation around some of the key architecture of ‘schooling’ – to reinvent it for 21 st conditions and learning.

35 Some international approaches New York City School improvement focusing on better assessment and core standards Establishment of NYC iZone; design partners; new models Finland Continuing push with high-quality teacher education and curriculum reform Developing ‘eco- system’ of partnership projects pushing the boundaries of ‘school’

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