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EPortfolios Trial Project Community College East Gippsland.

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1 ePortfolios Trial Project Community College East Gippsland

2 ePortfolio What is an ePortfolio? Why should I use one?

3 What is it? An ePortfolio is a means of collecting and storing – usually on-line – a range of evidence about the skills and knowledge I have gained over my lifetime These skills and knowledge could have come from formal education, informal learning or life experiences in general

4 Why should I have one? It is a great way to acknowledge just what I have achieved It can help when applying for a job It keeps everything in the same place – and is easy to access

5 Why should I have one? It will help if I decide I want to do some formal training – possibly lessening the amount of study I need to do (because of RPL)

6 How Do I Make One? There are a number of TOOLS available Some are dedicated ePortfolio tools Some can be used for numerous reasons, one of which is to create an ePortfolio They are generally stored on-line

7 Tools Some cost – either the educational organisation or the student, some are free Some can be made private, some are for all to see Some are hard to use, some are easy

8 Tools All allow for storage of a variety of file types, including: Word documents Presentations Databases Photos -.jpg Mp3 files Video Web links

9 Tools Some have specific ePortfolio tools within them, such as: Resume writers Word processors Pre-set e-portfolio sections Others are less structured – giving you more freedom about what you include

10 RPL Recognition of Prior Learning Recognition of Current Competencies Skills Recognition

11 Is a form of assessment You believe you already have the required skills and knowledge – so why study them again You have to provide evidence that you do have the skills and knowledge

12 Skills Recognition An assessor will examine your evidence to determine if you are competent against the requirements of the relevant unit(s) You might have to undertake some ‘gap’ training, or you might be assessed as competent based on your evidence

13 What is Evidence? Samples of the work completed Photographs Videos Audio recordings Certificates Reports / references from employers / supervisors

14 Credit Transfer If you have previously completed a unit(s) of a qualification, and if that unit(s) covers identical content to a unit you need, you can be granted Credit Transfer You only need a copy of your Statement of Attainment to be granted Credit Transfer

15 Zoho Notebook Why did we choose Zoho Notebook? It is free It is relatively easy to use It can be made private It has a built-in word processor and other tools if you don’t have your own It accepts all of the file types you will need

16 First Things First If you already have an email address – skip this step First you need to create an email account We will use GMail It is free It can be accessed from any computer hooked up to the internet

17 Sign up for GMail Fill in the information in the boxes You can invent a name if you don’t want your real name used Choose your email ‘name’ Once activated you can log in to GMail

18 Zoho Notebook

19 Sign Up here – it is free

20 Zoho Notebook You need your email address to activate your Zoho account

21 Zoho Notebook Log In once you have verified your account (by going to your email)

22 Zoho Notebook

23 Watch this video for a short introduction about how to use Zoho Notebook

24 Zoho Notebook Remember – Zoho Notebook has its own word processor, presentation software, database etc. if you need them to create files to add to your portfolio

25 Resume Writers An important part of your ePortfolio is an up-to-date copy of your resume There are many free resume writers to help create a resume or CV (curriculum vitae = life story)

26 ePortfolios Wikispace This is where you will find all messages from Denise and Jan Use the wiki to record your ePortfolio experiences All documents will be stored on the wiki for easy access

27 ePortfolios Wikispace You need to sign up to view and add things to the wiki If you provided an email address you will already have received an invitation to join

28 Web Links Zoho Notebook ePortfolio wiki ePortfolio information RPL information

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