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This power point is to show how our school can be sustainable.

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1 This power point is to show how our school can be sustainable.

2 Contents 1. How our school contributes 2. Grade preps 3. Grade 1’s 4. Grade 2’s 5. Grade 3’s 6. Grade 4’s 7. Grade 5’/6’s 8.Other things we do8.Other things we do.

3 1. How our school contributes Our school uses water wisely. We are currently trying to achieve our second and third star to prove that our school is sustainable. Each year level has done a variety of activities on the big issue ‘Water conservation’. We have learnt things that will preserve our natural water source. Hopefully this will help people think twice before wasting our precious water source.

4 Grade Preps! The grade preps have done the following: Created a 3D healthy and unhealthy environment in investigations. Made signs – no littering, Save water etc. Have watered plants with recycled water See the Pictures -- 

5 Preps’ Saving water’ posters Preps watering plants

6 Grade 1’s Grade 1’s have had many discussions about water in particular when cleaning paint brushes, rather than leaving the water running. Students have been encouraged to fill a small bucket and let the brushes soak, in an effort to save water. See pictures →

7 Grade 1’s washing paint brushes in a tub of water instead of rinsing it under a tap

8 Grade 2’s The grade 2’s have asked themselves during discovery learning ‘How do we look after our environment?’ Students investigate the ways individuals, families, groups and communities can work to improve their environment. Learnt about different habitats and the natural resources required for continued survival of species, including shelter, water, food. Investigated different aquatic environments and how humans impact on these. See pictures →

9 Grade 2 discussion mind map on how to ‘look after the environment’

10 Grade 3’s ‘ What happens if a resource is used up, destroyed or polluted?’ ‘How can we make a positive impact on sustainability issues in our community?’ Grade 3’s have been asked to come up with answers in their discussion. Have planted flowers and we have monitors that collect water from the buckets under the taps each day just before lunch Pond walk to look at ways to help look after our local environment Children are encouraged to bring in water bottles from home See pictures →See pictures →

11 . Water monitor collecting water from under the taps Student’s water bottle

12 Grade 4’s They have looked at saving water in our homes and wrote persuasive letters to our parents about how and why we should save water at home. These letters were actually mailed to the students. See pictures →See pictures →

13 Persuasive letter

14 Grade 5/6’s Someone from Hume Council came out to teach 5/6s about water pollution Watched a number of news clips in relation to water pollution, sustainability & the need for clean water in many countries around the world. Discussions about the consequences of our decisions & making better choices to lead a more sustainable life. Making a persuasive advertisement in ICT to promote water sustainability. See pictures →See pictures →

15 Morris Gleitzman and UNICEF teaching kids about the importance of water.

16 Water efficiency program. We grow drought resistant plants and have turf (Fake Grass) in our piazza.

17 Thanks for watching... BYE!!!

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