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Welcome to Effective Time and Energy Management

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1 Welcome to Effective Time and Energy Management

2 What we will Cover What stops you using our time effectively
Key principles of time management Matching tasks to energy levels Tips for managing Effective Delegation

3 What I would like to achieve?
Work less and produce more Lower stress Feel in control Reach goals faster Manage deadlines Make time for areas important to me Achieve what I’ve been putting off Stop procrastination

4 Causes of Ineffectiveness:
SELF OTHERS Poor habits Absenteeism Underlying needs Not doing job properly Lack of know how Interruptions Procrastination Deadlines

5 8 Time Effectiveness Barriers
Lose creativity Urgency addicted Need distraction Perfectionist Preference focused Victim mentality Low responsibility Lack of Clarity

6 Important vs Urgent I ACTIVITIES: Crises, pressing problems, deadline-
driven projects II Exercise, long-range planning, preparation, preventive maintenance, relationship building, personal growth activities, some leisure III Interruptions, some calls, some mail, some reports, some meetings IV Trivia, busy work, some mail, some calls, time wasters, some pleasant activities URGENT NOT URGENT IMPORTANT NOT

7 Effectiveness vs Efficiency
Are you prioritising your schedule (Efficient) OR scheduling your priorities (Effective)

8 Are you a Lark? Do you jump out of bed at the crack of dawn, ready to go? By 8.00 a.m. you are still going strong. By midday, you’re in your stride. By 4.00 p.m. you are wilting. By 9.00 p.m. you are ready for bed.

9 Are you an Owl? Do you find it hard to fully function before a.m.? You hit your stride by 2.00 p.m. By 8.00 p.m. you’re ready for another 4 hours of activity By midnight or later, you are ready for bed

10 Checklist for Energy Management
Schedule day to maximise your peak energy hours Take brief, but regular breaks away from your desk Diffuse negative emotions Reduce interruptions by performing high concentration tasks away from phones and Every night, identify the most important challenge for the next act. Act on it immediately Identify your “sweet spot” activities and find ways to do more of these Live your core values Source: Manage your Energy, Not Your Time – Harvard Business Review

11 Email Management Take action when you receive an email
Delete Reply Forward Send a reminder/add to Calendar Respect other’s inboxes Organise your inbox Actively manage subscriptions Moderate your inbox exposure

12 Delegation NOT Dumping

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