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2 The purpose of this report is to inform our audience of the number of smokers in Australia and the risks involved. Once this is established it is our aim to discus what the statistics of smoking related illnesses are. To ensure all of the data available is reliable our aim as a group was to collaborate many sources of data and display them in graphs in order to show comparisons and to display a wider array of information. Purpose

3 SMOKING IN AUSTRALIA An average of 18.8% of the population are smokers. This means that WA sits just under the average figure of smokers.

4 We surveyed our fellow class mates to find out how common smoking was in their home. Do any of your parents smoke? Do any of your siblings over 18 smoke? Do any of your siblings under 18 smoke?

5 What age group holds the highest percentage of smokers? If we follow the arrow we can see where our line reaches its highest point. For both the male and female data the highest region falls between the age of 34-35.

6 We then collected data that shows us whether our classmates have ever smoked and whether they had friends that smoked. 3 out of 10 have been around their friends whilst they were smoking. THIS INCREASES YOUR PERSONAL RISK OF EXPERIENCING A HEART ATTACK BY 25-30% The average of these figures is 11 this means if we were to put together a class “family tree” at least 11 members would have tried smoking cigarettes.

7 LUNG CANCER In 2010 lung cancer caused 8,099 deaths in Australia. Of this figure 80% of lung cancer in women was an effect of smoking, whereas smoking caused 90% of the cases in men. Lung cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs. These cells rapidly divide to form an abnormal growth called a tumour. If smoking was one day abolished the number of death from lung cancer would be reduced by 80-90%. Leaving only the pink area of this chart. If smoking wasn’t around in 2010 there would have only been 1126 deaths compared to the massive 8099 deaths that actually occurred.

8 Emphysema Emphysema is a disease in which the lungs are damaged by the harsh chemicals within the smoke inhaled from a cigarette. This causes a severe shortness of breath. Emphysema is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and is most commonly caused by smoking. The above donut charts display the percentile of emphysema cases caused by smoking.

9 Bibliography Class Survey 11-13~Main%20Features~Tobacco%20smoking~10008 cancer-statistics d_heart_disease_the_facts isk_factors b-heart Statistics-on-Smoking-Fact-Sheet.pdf‎

10 Conclusion Through our research we have concluded that smoking is very dangerous. We believe we have confirmed that smoking is not worth the risk to your health and life.

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