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Green Chemistry- What is it all about? By Liam Koger.

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1 Green Chemistry- What is it all about? By Liam Koger

2 Green Chemistry Green Chemistry is a idea that has now become a need. It links chemical reactions to the world in which they happen and inspires chemists to think of the penalties of using certain reactants, or allowing products to get into the environment.

3 12 Principles of Green Chemistry 1. Prevent Waste Minimize waste 2. Design safer chemicals Design chemicals that are less harmful to the environment 3. Find safer ways to make synthetic products Discover different ways that you can produce synthetic products 4. Maximize atom economy Plan combinations so that the last produce has the most quantity of the starting resources. 5. Use safer solvents Use less harmful or dangerous chemicals 6. Use renewable reactants Products that can be reused create a much cleaner environment

4 7. Maximize energy efficiency Do tests to find the right temperature and pressure 8. Avoid chemical derivative Derivatives use extra substances and produce waste. 9. Use catalysts whenever possible Catalysts are used in small quantities and can carry out a single reaction many times. 10. Design biodegradable products Make products that can be broken down to prevent waste 11. Use real time analysis to prevent pollution lessen or remove the formation of by-products 12. Minimise the potential for accidents Find safer methods

5 Task 2- Case study (a) A brief explanation of exactly how the company or organization used Green Chemistry. Dow Chemical Company changed hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide, this massively advances the making procedure of a key chemical intermediate, propylene oxide. These can be used for insulation, appliances, automobiles and brake fluids. (b) How Green Chemistry was used by the company or organization. For this case study Dow chemical company have used the principles numbers 2,3,5,9. there main principle that Dow used was a catalyst when they advanced the making procedures.

6 (c) The benefits to the company and to the environment that arose from the Green Chemistry initiative. They were awarded Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for there use of green chemistry. It recognizes advance technologies that transfer sustainability principles from the study lab into the real world to allow environmentally responsible and economically applied routes to commercial chemical manufacturing

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