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3 Enhancing Student Learning Swap Shop Mick Healey

4 HE Consultant and Researcher and Emeritus Professor University of Gloucestershire Economic geographer and Director Centre for Active Learning Director HE Academy projects on ‘Undergraduate research’ and ‘Rethinking final year projects and dissertation’ Ex-VP for Europe International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning National Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow HE Academy Visiting expert to Higher Education Authority for Ireland evaluating teaching and learning components of Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (2003) Advisor to Canadian Federal Government ‘Roundtable on Research, Teaching and Learning in post-Secondary Education’ (2006) Advisor to National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (Ireland) (2007-11) Advisor to Australian Learning and Teaching Council Project on the ‘Teaching- research nexus’ (2006-08) and ‘Undergraduate research’ (2009-10) Advisor to League of European Research Universities on research-based teaching (2009) Honorary Professor University of Queensland; Visiting Professor Edinburgh Napier and University of Wales Newport Research interests: scholarship of teaching; linking research and teaching; active learning; developing an inclusive curriculum for disabled students Brief Biography

5 Enhancing student learning

6 Aims To share interesting TL&A practices for enhancing student learning To discuss how the practices and ideas might be even better To discuss how the practices and ideas can be disseminated internally and externally

7 Successful learning Think of something you’re good at - something you know you do well Write down a few words explaining how you became good at it practice doing it trial and error getting it wrong at first and learning from your mistakes

8 Developing positive feelings Think of something about yourself that you feel good about - a personal quality or attribute, something that ‘gives you a bit of a glow’ Write down a few words explaining why you feel good about it. In other words, upon what evidence do you base your positive feeling? reactions of other people feedback compliments seeing the results

9 Unsuccessful learning Think of something that you don’t do well - for example, an unsuccessful learning experience Write down a few words describing the causes of this unsuccessful learning experience - what went wrong?

10 Unsuccessful learning lack of opportunity to practise, or to learn safely from mistakes ‘bad’ feedback - critical feedback given in a hostile or negative way no motivation fear of failure couldn’t see why it was worth doing lack of time to make sense of it unable to understand it before moving on

11 Five factors underpinning quality learning Wanting Needing Doing Feedback Digesting - motivation - interest - necessity - saving face - practice - trial and error - other people’s reactions - seeing the results - making sense of it - gaining ownership

12 An active learning model of how people learn Digesting Feedback Wanting / Needing After Race (2001) Doing

13 Ripples on a pond…. Wanting/ Needing Doing Digesting Feedback After Race (2001)

14 Enhancing student learning One of the most effective ways of e ngaging students in learning is to involve them actively “Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius 450BC

15 Enhancing student learning BUT “Student activity does not itself imply that learning will take place” (Ramsden 2003, 113) “It is not enough just to do, and neither is it enough just to think. Nor is it enough simply to do and think. Learning from experience must involve linking the doing and the thinking.” (Gibbs, 1988, 9)

16 Enhancing student learning If you are not already seated at a table with two or three other colleagues please move now Please appoint a timekeeper

17 Enhancing student learning Organisation Swap shop – two rounds You will each have 5 mins to summarise your interesting practice or idea to your two colleagues and 5 mins to answer their questions Separated by a refreshment break Plenary Key lessons, action planning

18 What’s New in TEDI



21 Certificate of University Teaching Practice Develop knowledge and practice as university teachers. Demonstrate a commitment to – and pursue excellence in – teaching and learning. Engage with colleagues and the literature to develop new practices. Join a learning community.

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